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Day 2

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Posted February 7th, 2009 at 09:28 PM by E.V.

Well, that title isn't entirely correct, depending on how you think of it. Day 1 was a Wednsday and this is a Saturday, so this could technically be called day 4. Whatever. Not too much interesting stuff happens in 3 days. Filming for my movie is about it. Went terribly, however, since the lead actor dropped out the day before filming and we couldn't find a replacement. And apparently when I speak gibberish it's hilarious.

In other news, any of you ever seen the show House? I don't much like it's new direction in plot. In the first three seasons it was made in a way that you could skip episodes or watch them in non-chronological order and it didn't matter, with the exception of a few episodes. Season four was also sort of like that, although all that firing of people made it a bit difficult. Season 5, however, seems to have some story lines that are continued through episodes. It's turning into one of those shows where they end each episode with "Tune in next week to see what happens!" It's bull shit if you ask me. Also a huge disapproval on the lack of show time the original team gets. With the exception of the black guy and House, they seem to be getting more and more like supporting characters. Just my opinion I guess.

Also, I just saw Hamlet 2 today. Good movie, sort of. Didn't have much of a plot, no real conflict, and at points made no sense. Coogan is a good actor though, which made up for that. The problems in it seemed to get solved too fast. Within 5 minutes Now a good movie could have removed some bad parts and increased that to a much larger segment of the movie.

Some parting words of advise for everyone. Never trust a movie review that calls comedy like Super Troopers "Slapstick".
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