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Route Bete Noir

Route Bête Noire


Footsteps in crunching leaves filled the forest. The voices of men and the bark of dogs
searching. The wind was lightly blowing through the leaves of the trees.

“I'm holding them back M'Lady.” a woman said.

“So am I Bree,” her Mistress said. Breanna looked ahead as she ran. Saving the black
Immortals from the slavers was a daunting task. Breanna posed as the Mistress
and her Mistress posed as the slave. It worked many, many a time. They as to
date saved 200+ as well as some humans.

“Mistress this is getting out of hand. There is gonna be a war soon.” She saw her Mistress
turn her head. Her green eyes glowed in the dark.

“We don’t need to worry about that…Human affairs have nothing to do with us.” After a few minutes of running, her Mistress stopped. Breanna looked down and saw a body; her
mistress looked up at the sky revealing her mocha colored skin.

“Distract them.” she said as she kneel to see if the body was alive. Breanna used her
powers to distract. She felt her Mistress' powers redirect to the body, which
was human and male. Breanna looked at him. He was beautiful. His coloring was
of coffee with a bit a cream. His lips were full and succulent. Dark eyelashes
flirted with his cheekbones. He had to be around the age of 17.

“Great Lady, he's dying.” Breanna said.

Suddenly his eyes opened up. They were brown like chocolate. His face grimaced in pain.
Breanna looked and could tell he was shot. There was no medical way to save
him. Then a soft whispering, full of pain said,

“Please help me.”

“I can only hold them for so long.” Breanna said.

Ignoring her, her Mistress spoke to the boy.

“There is only one way I can help you. But if I help you, you must promise you will not hate
me if we meet again.”

“I promise.' he rasped.

“Mistress! Don't do it. It’s against our laws.” Breanna yelled.

“I am within my rights. It's not law yet.”

Breanna had never seen what her Mistress was about to do and so she watched still working her power against their pursuers. She looked into his eyes. It was strange. Breanna could almost swear it was a look of love in her
Mistress' eyes. She leaned over and kissed his lips. Then she whispered into
his ear and he closed his eyes. She brought her wrist* to her mouth and bit down. Her Mistress then kissed his neck. She looked up at
Breanna telling her what she was about to do. Very quickly her fangs sunk into
the boys neck. Breanna could tell that her Mistress was fighting to stay in
control. Being her Mistress' servant since childhood, she had*never seen her fight
for control like this. She quickly pulled away from him. He didn’t seem in
agony. Just drowsy. "Drink." she said, bringing her wrist to his mouth. He obeyed.

“Will I ever see you again?” he asked

The Mistress smiled.

“I'll be in your dreams.”


Route Bête Noire

Chapter 1

151 years later....

Tyleya eu Vendega sat at her desk at the Vendega House. Gravely older than she looked,
she took care of the finances of the House which included the stocks that the
family had, cost of decorations, food, clothing, allowances, and anything that
would make the House run smoothly. Since her father died, it all fell on her.
Yochana, was never interested in running the House, just giving orders. Her
brother, Yulian, was better with entertainment. The House had been quiet for
145 years of her father being gone.

Tyleya had mocha brown skin, which framed her bright green eyes. She had long brownish
black hair that was pinned up elaborately. Her normal business casual style,
consisted of a navy blue suit jacket and pants, a burnt orange blouse, and
burnt orange flats that had an athletic sole.

Maacah walked in. Tyleya knew she could not keep her House without her right hand, Maacah.
The girl was extremely efficient.

“Good Morning, M'LAdy.” Maacah said.

“Good Morning Maacah. Enough with this M'Lady nonsense.” Tyleya said back.

Maacah chuckled. That was the reason Tyleya liked her. Maacah laughed still. The older
an Immortal got, the less they laughed and amused themselves.

“What is on the agenda today?”

Maacah sat down across from Tyleya. Her iPad in hand she began to recite the schedule.

“9:30-Breakfast with your mother. 10:30- Conference call to Tabien House. 11- Confer with
Yulian about the party. 11:30 is open. 12-Cordell House arrives and you
welcome them. 13-Aldophe/Ryuu House. 14-16 is open. 17-Sample dinner
for this evening, which I help you with. Yum Yum! 19-Dinner. 20-Meeting
with the Family heads and the descendants. That is it.”

“Busy day. Cancel my 9:30.” Tyleya said.

“Uhh...Are you sure?” Maacah asked a little nervous. She had every right to be scared. Yochana
was not one to be denied though Tyleya did it on a regular based.

“I will inform her. You don’t have to.” Tyleya replied.

“Thank you. She scares me. Anyway, if you need me I am out here at my desk. Tootles” Maacah

Tyleya smiled. Picking up the phone she looked at the clock. 9:10a. she dialed a number and

“This is Yochana's phone, Reina speaking.”

“Reina, inform my mother, that due to the many responsibilities and arrangements I have to see
to, I will not be able to have breakfast with her.” Tyleya conveyed.

“She's not going to be happy, M'Lady.” Reina expressed.

“Tell her she can see me at my office or call me if she needs to, but with all the things
that have to be done and unless she wants to do my job, I cannot have breakfast
with her.”

“I understand and will tell her.”

Tyleya hung up and started to look through documents for the House. It all made her miss her
father. She knew he would be so proud of how she took control. But like a child
she wished he was there to tell her that he was proud of her. It had been 145 years without him.

Tyleya heard loud footsteps walking toward her door. The door slammed open and there stood
her mother, angry, Dressed like a diva, the Vera Wang dress, Chinese Laundry
shoes, the expensive jewelry, makeup, hair, you would have thought she was going to the
Oscars. Her mother was a caramel brown. She had big brown eyes that screamed for
attention. Yochana Vendega was the exact opposite of Tyleya.

“You can't have breakfast with me because of what exactly!” she screamed.

“Good morning to you too, Yochana.” Tyleya said.

“I am your goddamned mother. You refer to me as mother!” Yochana retaliated.

“Mhmm. I have a busy schedule today. I can't even eat breakfast because I have all these
documents to take care of. We have people coming to seek refuge in our House
because of the AeRon, Vecci, and Farnir, House's being eliminated, which means
more rooms and more food... That means we will have to expand...again. We have
the Coven which means we have to make room for the Cordell, Aldophe, and Ryuu
delegates. I have conferences with Tabien House. I must welcome the delegates,
which you don’t want to do for God knows why. Need I go on?”

Yochana visibly calmed down. As Tyleya explained Yochana made her way to the couch
across the room and reclined on it.

“I miss your father taking care of all that.” she said, wistfully

“I don't. I miss him being here. I would still do all this if I could have him again.”
Tyleya asserted absentmindedly, focusing on the documents in front of her.

“Tyleya. Its time you settle down.”

Tyleya looked up, and blinked. “Come again?”

“You need to settle down. All the girls your age are mated. You aren't and it’s because you
are always busy.” Yochana said as she stood up. She started walking around
Tyleya's office. She picked up the geisha figurine, frowned, and put it down.

“No I'm not mated because I don't want to be. Don't plan on it either.” Tyleya confirmed

“There is a prospective mate visiting our house. His name is Takeshi Ryuu. He is very
handsome. He has many estates in Japan and China. Your father knew him
personally. I believe it’s time for you to live your life. You know, fall in
love as I did. Now when I met your father I was destined by my father to marry
him. Waiting to fall in love takes a long time. I know you are going to say no.
Everything I try to do for you seem to want to do the opposite, but just meet
him." Yochana attested

“Sure I’ll meet him. Now I need to talk to you about your spending.”

Yochana sighed, “Not this again!”

“Yes this again. You spend money like its water and money don't grow on trees. Look at
how much you spent last month.” Tyleya said pointing to a document.

Her mother walked over and looked at the highlighted total.*Eight digits.

“This amount could sustain a third world country. It has got to stop or we will be
bankrupted. I can't keep cutting expenses from necessities like heating and
cooling and food.”

“Menasia and I go shopping together-”

“Menasia Luna's House is small and her husband can afford it. We cannot. With the prestige of
being a big House, we have many people we have to take care of. Tylin left us
very well off. But now we have to keep the wealth he worked so hard for. Being
a black Immortal having all this was not easy for him to achieve and keep. You
need to budget.”

It was Yochana's turn to blink, “Budga-whaaa?”

“Did I stutter? BUDGET. As in you need to cut this by 60%. Either that or we will be
nothing. Don't worry; I have talked to Yulian about his spending habits too.
Five Maserati’s in a year is too ridiculous to comprehend.”

The intercom buzzed. “M'Lady, Your 10:30 is on the line.”

“Thank you Maacah.” Tyleya answered. To Yochana, she said, “I gotta take this, Ma. I need
you to take this seriously.”

Yochana huffed and stomped off.

Tyleya pushed the speaker.

“This is Tyleya Vendega let's begin this meeting.”

Made by yours truly,

Fate is exonarable
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