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Day 3

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Posted February 9th, 2009 at 08:37 PM by E.V.

Y'know, I should probably call these things entries. That would be more appropriate I think. Wednsday will be Entry 4 then instead of Day 4.

Watched some pretty interesting movies since...Friday I think was the last entry. Wall-E, Holes, and Beerfest. Review time!

Wall-E: Dialouge was shit. Good movie otherwise. The first half hour had no talking, then there was an hour of "WALL-E!" "EVE!" as the only dialouge, with a few exceptions from the ship captain. Honestly, you only have to say the name once for people to get it. Either give the robots more, different lines or take out the dialouge all together. Best animated picture of the year, yes. Best screenplay, no. Doesn't even make sense for the nomination. I give it a B.

Holes: I can honestly say this is the best preformance Shai Labeouf will ever have done. Kinda sad when you peak at 15, but his acting talent has gone downhill from there. The movie isn't the greatest, as it is a kids movie and the chances of those being good are slim to none. Could have been made into a western easily, and probably would have been better made as a comedy. All in all, C+.

Beerfest: Hilarious movie, another Broken Lizard masterpiece. While not the comedic gold of Super Troopers, it's up there. I think I'd call it the comedic bronze maybe. My main concern was the lack of Steve Lemme, best known for his role as Mac in Super Troopers. Well, that WAS my main concern, until the credits informed me that he played the role of Fink, the jewish scientist character. Which just left me in disbelief, as the character looks nothing like him. Just shows how good their costume and makup artist was. Definitly recommend this for anyone who enjoys laughing. B+.

Not much has happened recently, so not much to talk about. I did find that very few people know how to use computers, which is a problem with the world. Not old people either, I'm talking about people in the 15-18 years old range. I had to teach people how to access the network drive. When they had a paper giving instructions in front of them. Gotta say, they must be idiots.

Also, I'm debating using some space on these entries to write up a story. Might start it next time, although my writing skills are worse that a monkey with his feet cut off. (don't give me that look! You all know monkey's write with their feet, as their hands are too occupied with throwing poo!)
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    Lalaith's Avatar

    I loved WALL-E! It was cute and funny and I actually loved the whole Wall-e + Eve thing and the lack of dialogue in the movie.

    HAHAHA, I notice that a lot, people don't really know much about computer stuff. I mean I killed all my pcs and still people ask me for help with stuff like... burning a cd o.O lolll.

    And you should write a story, looks like you're good at writting, your blog entries are an interesting read. Now, off to write!
    Posted February 13th, 2009 at 05:50 PM by Lalaith Lalaith is offline

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