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Posted February 21st, 2009 at 10:05 AM by E.V.

Yeah, about a week late, w/e, sue me. Just more to type about. Filming, movies watched, maybe some interesting things if I remember them.

Ok, so I filmed parts of my movie on thursday and was SUPPOSED to film today. I say supposed to, because when I go to the house we're filming at, the person who owns the house isn't there. Also, no way to contact any of these people. So today's filming is shot, which is sorta good, because one of the people we needed dropped out of filming today. Which means we need to get a fat kid to cross dress for the movie. Thursday's filming went ok, I guess. Not much got filmed though.

Movies watched: actually, didn't watch any full movies this week. Parts of movies, yes. Saw about half of Slumdog Millionaire, but I got no interest in watching the other half.

Worked the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's an Arts Festival in a place called Coconut Grove. It used to be a place with non-douchey costumers, good food, and the ability to have fun there. By the way, I cleaned tables there. NOW, they've gotten rid of the good food (Chinese place that gave us free stuff, chocolate covered cheesecake stuff (frikin amazing!) and some banana thing) and only left the shit food that you could get at any fast food place. The costumers are all douchebags who don't tip and there's only like...3 hot girls there in a day. We got several hundred people a day and they seemed to think it's our job to get them chairs and tables and lighters and stuff, and got mad at us if we don't. And with the new people in charge, I didn't get a single chance to take a break. I sit for two damn second and get yelled at, but these ****ing people yell at me for telling their kids to get off their asses and work, since these fatasses spent every damn second sitting down and eating.

More to come at another time.
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