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Entry 8

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Posted March 9th, 2009 at 06:06 PM by E.V.

Entry 8, so you know what that means! A bunch of stuff being told that you don't want to hear, but will anyways!

Movies: Watchmen - Best Comicbook movie. Ever. It's probably the most accurate movie that's based off of a book that's been made. A couple problems I had was the lack of the line "Possibly homosexual, must check into that later." Which is THE best line ever. Also was the couple of changes to the ending, which I won't say so as to not spoil it for you. A+

Some Like It Hot - Ok, now this is a movie I've seen before, but rewatched for a cinematography class. For those of you that do not know, it's a movie from the 50's (59 if I'm not mistaken) starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe. Now just by that last name, you can tell it's got some sexiness in it. It's hilarious seeing Lemmon and Curtis trying to be women, while at the same time trying to be men. Somewhat. One of the best comedies of all time. A

We took the photo for the movie poster today, and I'm photoshopping it in the near future. We're filming my movie tommorow and will most likely finish it. Might have to film a bit on Wednsday.

This weekend I took part in this competition. It was basically a bunch of games (Volleyball, Football, Dodgeball, Tug-Of-War). Now the team I was part of won 2nd place. Suprisingly. We managed to lose every event they had. Not our fault though, two of those games involved the people beating us cheating. For Volleyball, we got out in the first round, 21-18. In football, we had a good team, but the people we played against cheated, big time. They SHOULD have been penalized at least 10 times in the short game we had, but the ref was kinda a douche. For Dodgeball we kicked ass in one game, then lost the second. For Tug-Of-War, we kicked ass our first two rounds, then lost the third round. However, the team we lost to had been sitting around for the last game we did but we had to go straight from one game to the next. Meaning that most of our team had ripped up hands. We then had to play a game against one of the teams we beat and we noticed that somehow, they gained about 8 new, huge people on their team. The ref claimed that they were the same people, but the ref was also part of the group that team came from. Go figure.

On Wednsday you will get a review of Click, Dodgeball, Stand By Me, maybe Changing Lanes, and some talk of the FCAT. maybe.
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