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  1. Shiek

    Funny Iphone Autocorrects

    It's been a very embarrassing experience with using auttocorect on for me. It almost cost me my job as I was tagged not being serious with reading whatever I sent carefully. Till today, I don't make use of auttocorect on.
  2. Shiek

    Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 online?

    I have the movie downloaded on my laptop when it came out years ago. I haven't started using any streaming services back then. If I want to watch it again now, I would have to check if the movie is on Netflix or Disney +.
  3. Shiek

    Most relaxing Games?

    Personally, I find all the video game which I play to be very relaxing in nature. Games like Sims, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Minecraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Unpacking etc.
  4. Shiek

    Your gaming Drinks?

    I would rather drink energy drinks whenever I'm playing my favourite video games than to eat snacks. They mess up one's gaming controllers more than the drinks. I drink monster energy drinks whenever I'm playing.
  5. Shiek

    Last show you watched?

    I just completed watching the season finale episode of The Last of Us. It's been an interesting long TV show. We are now waiting for the season 2 that's going to come out in 2 years time. I was impressed with the movie adaptation of the video game.
  6. Shiek

    Favourite Xbox Games?

    Some years ago, it used to be Gears of War that's my favourite video game on Xbox. I couldn't get enough of the game and I played all the game's franchise. But now, my favorite is Forza Horizon Series.
  7. Shiek

    Gaming and Survival?

    It actually depends on the kind of video game that I'm paying. I play some games because they help me to relax. You can call it a survival tactics because when you're relaxed, it helps you to me sane.
  8. Shiek

    Do you play with PC mouse and keyboard or PC controllers?

    I play with my PC keyboard and mouse now. But some years ago when I started out, it was very difficult for me to use then. But now, I'm very good playing with them.
  9. Shiek

    Currently Playing

    I had to go back to start playing Bloodborne all over again. I have completed it twice but I love how challenging the game was and how difficult it was dealing with the bosses. I'm enjoying it all over again.
  10. Shiek

    First Console Ever?

    Atarti 2600 was the very first video game console I had played with. Some years later, Gameboy came out and my father bought it for me. I took it with me to every where I go.
  11. Shiek

    Gaming kills Boredom?

    Anything that's your hobby point will always kill boredom for you. Also, there are so many kind of game's genre to choose from in order to meet up with exactly what you want to play. The fun in it is endless.
  12. Shiek

    Most favourite Openings/Endings in a Game of all Time?

    I usually love game's with great plot twist and it's exactly what I got in playing Spec Ops : The Line. How they found on in the end all they did was in vain was a big sell off.
  13. Shiek

    Gaming and Depression?

    They are all temporary fix for depression. There's no way playing video games can permanently heal you from depression because you won't be playing games 24/7.
  14. Shiek

    Best Games Ever?

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 F1 2020 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Need for Speed Most Wanted COD : Black Ops II Ghost of Tsushima The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt The Last of Us Part 2 Red Dead Redemption 2
  15. Shiek

    God of War Series

    God of War Ragnarok is already out and it was very good game. Gamers rushed it so bad and it got nominated for the best game of the year. Unfortunately, Elden Ring won it.
  16. Shiek

    What's the last game you completed on your Nintendo console?

    My all time favorite video game on my Nintendo Switch is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I have played it more than any other game on the handheld console. I have completed it twice.
  17. Shiek

    Shiek is greeting everyone

    Merry Christmas to you and your family that's here on Gamers Place. I'm Shiek and it's a very good thing that I'm here to be with everyone. I love playing video games as it's my main hobby and swimming too. What games are you playing this Christmas?