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The Changes

Alright, as promised there would be changes. So here they are:

First off Cloud, Kitsune Inferno, and Darkmoon the Exile have all been removed from the staff. Why? Well on Cloud and Kitsune's part it was lack of activity and dedication to the forum in general. So we've cut them 2 loose for that reason. Darkmoon was released due to the hiring of the 2 Admins, no RPG Admins is really needed and that Nitz and I had thought that it'd be best to just leave the RPG to the Admins in general to take care of, which leads me to my next change.

Jechtsphere and GEOTISTA have been promoted to Admin. Why you ask? Simple. Starting March 23rd I'm supposed to be working from 7 AM till 4 PM Monday to Friday in a mail room and I'll need at least 1 more helping hand, probably even 2. Thus both were hired. And the fact that they got RPG Administration access means that the RPG Admins is useless now. Also I was hired on another site and am kinda splitting my activity between here and there about 50/50 and when I start my job on the 23rd, I wont be able to handle it all on my own anymore, thus Jechtsphere and GEOTISTA will be here to help.

Just so everyone knows, as a result of this promotion, no further staff members will be promoted nor any additions to the staff. So don't even think about PMing me asking to be a Mod.

Some changes off the main-page:

I've taken The Staff forum out. No use keeping a useless viewing forum open anyway. Waste of space on the main-page.

The Gaming News & Updates and Game Reviews forums have been taken out. Due to news, updates, reviews being posted on the mainsite anyway on our soon-to-come mainsite for Gamerz-Place here.

The General Gaming forum former sub-forums are all now on the main-page. So Sony, X-Box, etc are all on the main-page and General Gaming is as well, under the Console Corner category.

The Star Ocean forum has been taken out due to zero activity, and replaced by a Metal Gear Solid forum. All Popular Game Title forums are now on the main-page.

The Club has been taken out, no use keeping it on the main-page when its content can just be posted in 7th Heaven anyway.

The Roundtable has been moved to General Discussion as a sub-forum. It's activity was good, but not good enough to keep on the main-page, plus it saves space anyway.

Mature Content forum has been added. It's a 18+ only forum that is protected. So if you want in go to User CP > Group Memberships > Join and then I'll validate you as soon as possible, but you must be over 18.

The RPG Inferno also is under construction, so no RPG Inferno until it's completely re-done, which is estimated to be sometime this weekend. But don't worry, you'll all be given 5000 gil (yes gil) to re-start and for my appreciation of you all waiting during this tough downtime.

Also, koins have been re-named gil. Simply too confusing since everywhere else I go to calls their currency gil so yeah, gil it is here too now.

That is all, any questions? Then ask me.

Jaime - 5462 - ended with that post count...... still a legend of the forums!

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