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Read (updates)

appeartly my suggestion and news topics were deleted. but no worries as for the update ill post em here. and the suggestions i got em in mind still and will still take place.

- The way the forums will look can be found under READ ME!!!! topic.
- Staff has been picked as members voted or suggested.
- Avatar idea by stryfe been looked at
- Arcade idea post to play (needs to be discussed)

*the staff*

(demoded to mods)

Tech 9
Fusion X


Splatt - rpg mod
Jing - S mod
aerith - Admin
Cloud & seph - website staff (magazine project)


The legendary saviour

================================================== ===

The way it will look

Updates and Announcements
The Website/Moderating Team
Suggestions and Questions
Introductions and Departures

Forum: General Gaming
Sub forums: - PSX / PS2
- Xbox / PC
- Nintendo

Final Fantasy
- Retro Final fantasy (FF1-6)
- PSX Final fantasy (FF7-9)
- PS2 Final fantasy (10-12)

(In this forum things like Advent Children and FF11 will be put in the bottom section underneath these sub forums....also including FF: Chronicles and Tactics.)

Kingdom Hearts
- Kingdom Hearts 1
- Kingdom Hearts 2
- Kingdom Hearts 3 theory *spiolers*

(With this again all basic general chat or crap can also go beneath these sub-forums)

Resident Evil (Exactly like above forums you may add sub forums too if you think its necesary)
- PSX Resident Evil
- PS2 Resident Evil (These are up to you guys)

Member Awards (This is a name change)
With this we should delete the voting forum as its become totally useless and we all know who has won so thats all we need to know...Also i talked to Sephiroth about creating a small button with the indivdual awards for the people who won and he agree'd)

The Jukebox (Nothing really to change here its all pretty good. I like the name too )

The Bigscreen (Again this forum is absolutely perfect, theres nothing to change here at all just like the above )

The Dugout ( Again nothing much to really change except for a little order of the sports people are talking on. Its not necesary but i think it will look good)

Otaku Talk (Thisis name change for the anime and manga section)
this area is pretty small so there is no need for any sub forums unless activity increases then a possible Manga sub forum can be decided on.

7th heaven or Rumpus Room (Another name change from the lounge because its a fairly boring name and we could use a little spice....also the serious talk sub forums will be removed and replaced as its own small forum)

Fanclub (I don't think much should be changed here except we need more posts in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol)

Roundtable (This is the serious talk forum which is moved from the lounge which will allow easier access and create a little more order)

Creation College (A name change for the gallery)
- Phantastic Fotos (You don't need to really change this name or the letters like I did lol it was just for fun)
- Creations (In this area you will be able to post avatars or banners which you've created so your able to show it off to people)
- Misc Images (if you find something funny or random post it in here...also banners which you may have found)

RP Registration (This is absolutely usless IMO, we can already sign up and register for RP in the forum itself and most of the time we already do it inside the role-play itself. I think we should delete this so we can cut back on spaces.)

Role-Play Forum will stay the same theres no need for change

Crazy Quizes (New name for the Quiz corner)
- PSX / PS2 quizes (obviously things like final fantasy or other PS titles will be quized here
- Xbox / PC (Again Xbox and PC title quizes here)
- Nintendo (need I say anymore?)

RPG Inferno (No name changed as its easy and nothing needed really)
- RPG Coloseum (In here ask for challenges, talk about people who are a good fight or monsters which are the same. Pretty much any battle related talk in here)
- RPG Assistance / Suggestions (Ask questions or add suggestions which can benefit the RPG or other people in playing)

Clan Central
- Subforums will consist of all the clans around or pretty much just leave as it is.

Delete the custom weapon thread as its a bit trashy and not needed it. OR we can move it as a sub forum into the RPG Inferno forum.

Ultimacia's Castle (Now this is TOTALLY useless. I do realise that they throw out different things in here but does it matter at all? I say we chuck this thing into the dump itself. It will also save space )

The Catacombs R.I.P (This will be a name change for the dump)

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Up dates so far.

Sephiroth no longer website staff.
Myself - (Super Moderator, promotion)

The Introduction has had a Staff Members sub forum added, please add your own bio if you are a staff or just check them out if your a member.

General Gaming, Final fantasy, Kingdom hearts and Resident Evil placed into the same category.
Final Fantasy subforums added
- Retro Final fantasy (1-6)
- PSX Final fantasy (7-9)
-PS2 Final fantasy (10-12)
PS 3 Final fantasy
Other Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts sub forums added
-Kingdom Hearts 1
-Kingdom Hearts COM
-Kingdom Hearts 2
-Kingdom Hearts 3

Member Awards has mysteriously been moved to the Archive section down the bottom...Will try to fix.

Anime section renamed as Otaku Talk.

The Lounge been renamed as 7th HEaven.

More Updates as they come. Thank you.

- To all new members, I have invaded your sig as a nice welcoming.

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Closed Thread


read, updates

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