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The Keys Origin

Chapter 1: The Kings Son

In the castle, walking down the hallways, Osires felt chills going down his spine as the huge statues with gleaming, golden eyes stared down upon him. He looked over, wondering what was going on. As he looked over, he saw a man run from the castle and trip over himself. He smirked, not knowing what was going on. Osires stood back up, straightening. He hated walking from his room to his fathers’ throne room. I guess that’s what you get for being the king’s son, he thought to himself.

He continued on down the corridors (Hope I spelled it right), into the Throne Room, “Yes father?” Osires said, looking up at his father in his shiny throne. He’d never been allowed in there before.

“We have been breached, Son. I have sent out our three best nights,” The King said. Osires’s eyes opened wide “I’m sorry son… but we have to send you away so you’ll be safe.”

Osires’ mouth now gaped open, and, eyes flooded with tears, he began to reply. “But father, I don’t want to; I want to stay and become a noble night” He said, barely able to tell what he was saying from the flow of tears.

“You are going and that is that! You will be staying with Fiona,” the king said, as his son ran out the doors to his room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

Those were the last words he said to his father, whom he’d now refer to as “the King,” for he felt betrayed. Osires is a medium height 13 year old; He has long black hair with red tips down to his shoulders and a thin womanly figure. Osires looked out the side of the Chocobo carriage starring at the stark desolate wasteland he would have to soon live in. “That was a nasty accident back at the castle. What happened?” The carriage driver asked without turning, as if he wasn’t even listening, just trying to sound concerned.

“My dad told me there was some kind of monster that attacked out castle last night. We managed to kill it, but it left these eggs that seem impervious to harm.”

The carriage driver looked back all of a sudden with a gaped mouth “The dreaded Nameless? Is that what it is? Those took out the castle in New Ravine just the other day!”

Osires now knew the driver was interested in what had happened. “Well... I don’t know exactly… all I know is, he told me I had to leave the castle immediately. I don’t know, but there was something he wouldn’t tell me,” he said. The driver turned his attention to the scenery and didn’t reply.

Osires was tired; he had nothing to do. He kept thinking of what his father had said as he left. “Don’t let them find you. You will be a noble knight worth more than just us.”

He was still confused about it. “Why would the Nameless or whatever they are want me?” he asked the driver, curiously wondering if he knew.

“They wouldn’t; they’re only after this person called “The Chosen One.” We don’t know who or what it is, but he couldn’t be talking about that. He probably means ‘don’t let them steal your soul’.”

Those words lingered in Osires’s head for hours as he tried to understand what he’d learned about the “Monsters” and “The Chosen One,” whoever they were. He knew he had to stay as far away as possible. Eventually, Osires drifted off to a sleep and was knocked out. The driver looked back at him for a second and then turned back around.

Chapter 2 : Friends to be or Betray

Osires shot up from sleeping to hear silence. He looked out at the desolate wasteland and onto the midnight covered ground. Then he looked over to see that the driver was gone. Osires looked around franticly, not noticing any thing as he got out and trampled onto the dirt ground. He walked to the front of the carriage and stumbled over a rock, landed on something than smelled horrible, and pushed himself up, coughing from the stench to see a dead Chocobo beneath him on the blood stained dirt. He jumped from the ground, crying with terror and searched through the carriage. He grabbed the map, compass, a bag of food, and the small sword he was sent with for protection. Osires started to run to the west, kicking up dust. "Whatever that was surely will come back," he thought to himself.

Osires fell on to a patch of grass and couldn’t get up; he was so exhausted, he fell asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

"Wake up! Are you alright?" He heard three voices screaming, helping him up. Osires opened his eyes and was still drowsy. He had fresh wounds from whatever it was that had happened last night.

"Are you alright? You’d better come to my house and get patched up," said a short girl with long curly pink hair.

"Yeah, she’s got band aids and all that stuff to clean you up," said the other girl with shiny dark red hair that went down to her chin. Osires started to walk forward and collapsed to the ground with a thud. The guy with long shoulder length silver hair grabbed Osires by his arm and hoisted him up, walking him.

"Orean, what do you think happened to him?" The guy asked curiously to the girl with long pink hair.

"I don’t know, it looks like he was attacked by some monster!" Orean said

"Why was he out there anyway, Vixon?" The red head asked.

"I don’t know, Ameer'a lets just get to the house." he said

Ameer'a grabbed a bottle of disinfectant and poured it over his wounds, which were located on his chest, legs, and biceps. As she poured it on the huge gashes, Osires popped up screaming. “What the hell was that?!"

Startled Ameer'a dropped the bottle and quickly picked it up.

"Nice one, Ameer'a. Hey, man, what were you doing in the wastelands in the first place?" Vixon asked.

Osires hesitated a second. "My father kicked me out of my town. My father’s the King,” he said, looking at the ground.

"What for?" They all asked.

Osires pulled his shirt back on. "Our town was attacked be these creatures called the Nameless, and apparently he believes there after me." They all stared at him.

"Our town was attacked by them too, but they left to the East. Why would they be after you?" Orean asked curiously.

"I don’t know… something about a chosen one and a noble knight of all." Vixon stared at him than stood up and grabbed him by the collar and pulled him out of the room.

"I heard that the kingdom in the North has good money to pay for you, the one they’re here for, to use as a sacrifice to rid of the...." Vixon began to say, holding Osires up to the wall.

"I may be the King’s son, but I’m no weakling. Don’t touch me again. I am not going to stay with a bunch a betrayers like you!" He yelled as he walked out the door and slammed it shut

"He really is the chosen one," Vixon said in awe.

Orean ran out the door behind Vixon. "Wait up, I was trying to see if you were lying! We can’t have a liar in our group, can we?" Vixon yelled at him. Osires stopped and looked across the town, glad to be in a real place again, and turned around.

"Well, why did you throw me against the damn wall?" Osires yelled, cursing. "I don’t have time for some bull**** about lying! I just got kicked out of my town by my own father, and I can’t go anywhere safely!" Vixon walked up to him and slowly said he was sorry.

"We all know what it’s like to be kicked out. I was kicked out of Patron City, along with Ameer'a. Orea was banned from St. Cabals Burrow," he said to Osires. "Now, come on back to the house! We have a lot to talk about."

Chapter 3 : The Adventures Start

Osires plopped down on the bed. "So, how do you guys know about the chosen one, and why were you kicked out of your homes?"

Osires was still exhausted, so he stretched out, glad to be on something soft again. He looked up, and Vixon was staring at him again. Orean explained for all of them, "You know that there are noble knights, right? Well, there is actually a Noble Knight, and his followers. Each of us are thought to be the three Key Knights following the Noble One, because the creatures were there for us-"

Vixon looked up and motioned for her to be quiet. He crept over to the window and peered out. "It's them. They found us," he whispered. "I have to finish explaining. We are the chosen ones, we are here to find him, and it is said that once we meet, we will have to find the secret of the universe and create the chosen one's burden," he said, grabbing Orean and Ameer'a by the arms and heading to the back door. "We are all imbued with unbelievable power, but we need to find it some how."

Just as Vixon finished explaining the creatures burst threw the window. "The nameless." Ameer'a and Orean screamed as they began to run to the back door.

"No wait, they’re there, too." Vixon and Osires ran to the door as they burst through there, too.

"We’re trapped,” Vixon said. Osires ran to the bed and pulled one of the metal bars from beneath it.

"Not for long," he replied with a smirk and tried to bust a hole in the sealing

The creatures were closing in on them, and Osires knew he couldn’t bust a hole through. "Grab a pole from under the bed, we have to fight our way through!"

Osires ran towards the back door with the pole in hand and swung at one of the smaller creatures as it fazed through them. "What?!" He shrieked in terror.

Three of the creatures leaped on top of him.

"No, Osires." Vixon ran up there and drew his pole back. A flash of light burst from his hands and from the pile of creatures.

Vixon stumbled back and felt the weight in his hand increase, becoming a full handle around both hands. He had one weapon in each hand. Each had two blades: one up and one down, Osires leaped out of the swarm with two swords strapped to his arms, handles in both hands and blades running up his arm Osires and Vixon ran into the herd of creatures. Osires leaped in the air, spinning as Vixon ran in, blades spinning in each hand. Osires took out the first few and Vixon took out the rest, clearing the doorway.

"Come on, Orean and Ameer'a!" Vixon yelled toward them, but they were frozen in fear. Osires ran back and grabbed both their arms, running with them out the door

Chapter 4: A Bad Loss or Great Gain

Osires tripped and fell on the ground with Orean and Ameer'a in both arms as he fell to the cold hard floor. Vixon picked up Ameer'a and ran with her. Osires helped with Orean.

As they ran, Vixon looked back at the house he used to call home. It was completely destroyed and almost falling apart, overflowing with the creatures.

"They’re gaining!" He yelled. Osires looked back to see all of the creatures merge together into a huge Black hole.

"Grab onto something now!"

Vixon turned and saw, just as the wind carried up. The black hole sucked in everything. Osires dove behind a boulder, holding onto Orean. Vixon sought protection, running behind a huge tree and grabbing onto Ameer'a.

Just as Vixon managed to get the slightest grip, the gust sucked in even harder. His grasp on Ameer'a was loosening by the second.

"No, Vixon!" She screamed as she tried to hold onto him.

"Ameer'a! Hold onto him tighter" Orean and Osires yelled at the top of their lungs. Ameer'a was now flying in the air, only hanging onto her life by the fingertips of Vixon.

"No!" Vixon yelled as she lost her grip on him. He leaped out to grab her.

"Watch out!" Osires yelled as he grabbed for her. He also grabbed for Vixon, but he missed her, only managing to grab Vixon by a snare and tug him back into the safe area.

"Ameer'a! No!" He screamed, crying. After the whole lining to the outer kingdom was torn off, the gust grew stronger, sucking and pulling.

"We wont make it! The black hole will suck us in!" Vixon yelled.

"No matter what, when we’re sucked in, hold onto each other" Osires replied. Just then, the gust grew stronger, along with the portal. It pulled the rock and tree in, along with Osires, Vixon, and Orean.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vixon awoke first on an island with the tides washing up and covering his legs "Osi..." He began to yell, but when he turned around, he saw his companion and Orean lying next to each other, holding onto one another. Vixon stood up and stretched, yawning at the same time.
"Osires, Orean, wake up," he said as he shook them with the dripping wet tip of his shoe, which was now covered with wet sand.

"What? Where am I?" Osires said, opening his eyes and sheilding the sun with his arm.

"Are you guys ok?" Orean asked as she stood up.

"I feel really drowsy," he replied.

"Hey, how did you guys all of a sudden get those weapons out of nowhere last night?" she asked curiously. Osires looked on the ground; the weapons were still there.

"You mean those? I don’t know," he said, pointing to them.

"Yeah, if you don’t know, how did you know how to use them so well?" She asked again, curiously.

"I don’t know; we just did it. It just flowed through our bodies," Osires said. "Now come on. We need to see where we are and if Ameer'a is here too."

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