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Jan 12, 2006
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1: If you have a character that you have developped post it in here.

2: You may not RP in this area it is only for character creation.

3: Add a decent length to your characters profile and not just a sentence or two.

Thats alll for here thanks :)

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May 29, 2006
Name: Kei

Age: Unknown

Deceased: Since the early Shogunate era

Race: Once part of the living, now a soul

Position: Currently undergoing the Captain's exam. 3rd Seat Death God of the 3rd Squad

Weapon: A black samurai sword

Weapon name: Yamato

Skills: Flashstep combat, Demon offensive spells, Increasing his spirit force power via releasing Zanpakuto.

Profile: Wears the usual death god's uniform without sleeves, has a tribal dragon arm tattoo covering his right arm. Has black eyes with longish hair at the back but curtain style at the front covering is eyes. His Zanpakuto's hilt is black with the sword guard in a skull design. Has worked steadily hard to where he is now and rumour has it that he has achieved Bankai.

Bio: Kei is a rigid follower of Bushido when he alive and even now still practices the traditional ways. Quiet and reserved, many regard him to be cold hearted and merciless in combat. He was the quickest of his class in the death god school to become the 3rd seat officer. It seems that Kei is always searching for someone, when he does not train or help in squad, he is seen wandering through the Soul Society was looking for someone. He is known to be on personal terms with Zaraki Kenpachi and his vice-captain. Often sparring with the 11th squad when he feels the need to sharpen his skills.
For future posters, I'll help you out a bit. Here's a template you can fill out, and my three characters may act as an example.

~ Template ~

Name :
Age :
Gender :
Personality :
Appearance :
Equipment/Weapon :
Biography : ( The story of your character )

Mine -
Name : Crane "Red" Fortig'ule" ( For-tih-G^( yool ) ) - Lost Epitaph - The Red Warrior

Age : 127. ( Appears to be 26 or so. )

Gender : Male.

Height : 5'11.9''

Weight : 178.43

Home World : Vinahne

Race : Vinahnian.

Personality : Crane.. is the type that would ignore a child asking for help. Even if he/she was dying. He isn't necessarily the cold hearted type. More neutral, and doesn't interfere with the planet's work. However, he is often challenged by many, and must take their lives to continue on. Such is fate, as he would say. Normally, he is quite still, and very quiet. He often sits down to relax, and enjoy his surroundings.

Appearance :

Equiptment :
Save the Devil : ( Blade shown in picture. ) The sword is truly beautiful, but has the demonic feel, and sense. Just it's energy wilts flowers, yet Crane has managed to keep in the.. neutral, catagory. His blade temptates all, and only the powerful are able to weild it. The blade was crafted by the devil himself, and given to the most worthy of warriors to protect him. Ironically, it was used to kill his son instead.

It's powers and abilities seem to be mastered by Crane, however, he does seem to.. lack the ability to use the blade to it's full potential. Perhaps it could be of some other purpose?

The sword is one of two created by the Devil. Crane looks for the second, in order to protect it from the use of evil, or good.

Key of Abyss : This item is located on Crane's left arm. It holds the power to manipulate certain elements, such as fire and darkness, and also regenerates it's user's body. When Crane is wounded, he is often healed within the hour. The key uses energy from itself, to recreate what was lost. Such as blood, and sometimes, fingers; even limbs. Another effect from this ancient relic, is prolonging Crane's life span. It seems that he only age's half a year, every one hundred.

The key is intertwined with Crane's arm, and maintained by a small amount of Incarnum. Without the Incarnum to maintain the connection, the use of the key is very unstable... and it's effects seem to deplete.

The key was created for the single purpose of ridding any world of it's darkness. However... this ability can only be used every two hundred years. At the moment, it cannot be used for another one hundred, considering Crane had used it on his own world. After this item is used for it's sole purpose, the user is immediately ripped into a portal, and sent across the Omniverse.

Abilities :
Spirit Energy : Spirit energy. An energy retracted from the Astral Plane. Crane uses this energy with ease, but over time, he does grow tiresome. His body can handle a fair amount of this energy, and even so, he uses the Key of Abyss to further his abilities and use with it ( The Spirit Energy ).
Common Techniques using Spirit Energy : Often, Crane uses the energy to cause disturbances within certain things. Weapons, boulders, small lakes, and even the ground. The Key of Abyss normally acts as his transfer item, to force the energy into these things much easier.

Soul Energy : Soul Energy. A powerful energy retracted from the Astral Plane. This is used by Crane, much like he uses spirit energy, but not as often. When he does use it though, it's for devestating attacks.

Crane maintains his full connection with the Key of Abyss with soul energy. If his connection was corrupted, then Crane wouldn't be able to use the Key of Abyss to it's full potential, but still half of it's power, considering it is connected to him physically as well as spiritually.

Biography : The story of the Epitaph. A horrible one, at that, and one that doesn't end in anything relating to happy. It begins, when Crane was born to a loyal Knight, and his lady, in the world called.. Vinahne ( Vih-Nawn ).

Vinahne was.. well, there was only one word to really describe it; Hell. It's once beautiful landscapes were now red, and crusted over with black rock. Hundreds, and thousands of miles went on, only in red oceans and a dark sky. It truly was, a replica of Hell ( Or what you would imagine Hell to be ). This.. Hell.. was home to three raging kingdoms. These kingdoms fought with one another, in hopes of spreading their idea's of parliament, freedom, or authority. Much like Earth, they fought on their planet to become the most powerful.

You see, Vinahne had been sucked into a different realm one thousand years ago. This realm, unfortunately, linked to the gates of Hell. However.. there was not chaos from Hell itself. A previous Epitaph had used a certain.. Item, to close the connection with Hell and Vinahne, and hid the Key of Abyss in the depths of Vinahne. The core of the world.

Krinahd, the kingdom of the devil's child. Surrounded by an ocean of lava, and black rock landscapes, it was often called Hell. It was also believed that Krinahd's armies were undead, and ruled by the devil's son.

Fariel, the kingdom of virtue. This triumphant kingdom blazed with glory, and good. Their motives were for the right, and for their God. They were blessed with a beautiful grassy landscape extending on for one hundred miles.

Finally, there was Ammicrin, the kingdom of destiny. They fought for a legend, and the possibility of a savior from this wicked world. However.. they were not blessed like the other kingdoms. Here, they were surrounded by a sea of sand, and trapped by the seemingly endless desert. Their armies would perish before reaching it's destination, and all seemed to be.. neutral, in a sense.

These three kingdoms fought on for centuries... centuries of gore and bloodshed. Even the woman were sent to battle! It seemed that Vinahne had overcome negotiation with the art of sword's... and all was to be doomed in the very end of the world's days. The kingdom's fought one another, and tried countless attempts to secure their enemy's fortresses.. But to no prevail! Every attack launched by the three were futile, and all seemed to be dampening even more, leading to the foretold end... Untill.. the prophecy's tale had began.

An ancient legend among the three raging kingdom's spoke of a baby being born with the Vinahne insignia on it's back.. and that baby would save the side it was born under.

This baby had been born. A blonde haired child, born to a loyal Knight of Ammicrin, and his lady. All was going to be well! The kingdom was saved! This baby had the insignia, and surely it could not be a prank? Only a fool would do such a thing.. and a Knight was no fool. So, the baby was brought to the king. He examined him, and came to a salvaging conclusion; The baby was to save Ammicrin, and restore Vinahne.

Once word had spread to Fariel, they began negotiations. Fariel united with Ammicrin, and they were to assault Krinahd when this savior child turn the age of twenty. However.. this plan would be ruined by Krinahd, after getting word from one of their.. spies.

Krinahd organized an attack, and travelled through the desert to Ammicrin. When they arrived, they met with not an outstanding force as the prophecy says.. but a celebrating Kingdom. A dissarmed, and unaware kingdom.. and so.. Krinahd struck. They forced their way into the Kingdom, and killed every newly born they could find, and.. upon coming to the marked child.. they kidnapped him, and flee'd.

With all hope suddenly revoked, it seemed that the days were numbered, and the number wasn't high. Already the days seem to go by slower, and darker, knowing that they would indeed be defeated.

Two years after the kidnapping, the mother and father gave birth to another child. His name, was Crane. He had blazing red hair, and dark blue eye's. His father even trembled with happiness. They had made another child, to take the place of their lost miracle. Could it be, that this child could also be the savior of the kingdom?

Over the years, the child proved himself to be worthy of his father's footsteps as a Knight. He trained with the blade untill he was eighteen, and finally joined as a loyal servant for his king. However, the people hated him for who he was... they hated him for not being the chosen child, and told him of it. He was scowled upon by the upper class swordsmen.. But it would do him no harm. He ignored it all.. and trained. Preparing for his adventure, and destiny.

Reaching the highest rank in the Knights.. he swore forever servitude, and vowed to save his kingdom at all costs. He was ready to fulfill the prophecy, and clash swords with his brother.

Assembling an army, he travelled across the deserts, and the magma ocean, and reached Krinahd kingdom. Without warning, he started the attack. Unfortunately, it was quickly stopped by a small force, and Crane had failed. He was captured, and brought to the King of Krinahd... whom was infact.. the prince of darkness. The devil's child...

Once the prince had learned of his name, he branded him, and declared him apart of his army, and slaves. For five long and treacherous years he served under the devil's son, learning of his plans.

He told Crane of what his purpose was here, and how Vinahne was so special. It wasn't a world at all... well, it was.. but that was only it's physical image. If one looked deeper into this image, they would realize it's true nature; A gate way. A door to Hell. However.. long ago, before the Key of Abyss was first used.. the world had been moved from the realm it was in, and into a created universe, by the gods. However.. it was returned to the realm, and such was it's state now. At this moment in time, the devil's child was searching for the Key of Abyss, to unlock the gate within Vinahne. Soon.. he would find it, and unleash Hell upon the Omniverse, using Crane and his brother's ancient powers.

Time elapsed.

Crane was now twenty seven, and surpassed even his brother in the art of swordsmenship. Ranking among the highest in Krinahd, he recieved the weapon "Save the Devil" from his King, and vowed to protect him whatever the cost. However, this would prove to be the greatest lie and most righteous deed in the history of Vinahne.

The King of Krinahd finally obtained the Key of Abyss. All was going according to plan.. and even better than this; he had the two prophecy's children. Everything he had aimed for would soon come into sights, and the world would return to it's true purpose of transporting the creatures of Hell and it's master, into the Omniverse.

The time was right for the prince to make his move, and summon his father. Using Crane's brother Kreine ( Creen ) as a tool, he equipped him with the Key of Abyss. With his power and the Key of Abyss combined, he was able to open the gate, and release his father's minions upon the world. Once they had assembled, they began to sweep across the planet, while Crane, organized his strike against the devil's son.

Crane had turned sides once again, proved his loyalty to Ammicrin, and the rest of Vinahne. Unwillingly, he crossed blades with his brother, and obtained the Key of Abyss. Now, Crane held the two most valuable items on the planet, and he intended to use them to lock the gate that had been opened, and save the Omniverse from a nearly undefendable strike.

Crane.. challenged the Prince of Darkness. In an epic battle of fate, the two fought in the caste's courtyard. However.. Crane was no match. Fortunately, he didn't need to be. He had been summoning the power of the Key of Abyss the entire time, and it had reached it's level of capable use. At this.. Crane used the Key of Abyss, and opened a portal to Hell. Every demonic creature, every undead soldier, and the prince of darkness, was sucked into this swirling vortex, and returned to Hell. Upon opening it however, Crane was rather.. close. He had been sucked in as well.

Now, the portal was unbalanced. Soon the creatures that had been sent back to Hell, would force their way through it, and return to Vinahne. Crane was left to finish the fight with the prince of darkness in his own Hell.

After a long fight.. Crane killed the prince with the blade crafted by the devil, and so the devil felt. His only son had been killed. He appeared at the scene, and stared at his son's lifeless body, mourning over his loss. Crane however, let out a small cackle.

Then, they fought. The fate of Crane's world was in his hand, and perhaps the fate of many other's. He would attempt to defeat the devil, in Hell. It proved to be a diffacult task, but.. after a long fight, he opened another gate. The gate pulled him from Hell, and the gate that had been opened before, vanished. The balance was set back to it's previous status, and Vinahne was saved for another one thousand years. However.. without it's savior. Crane had been transported to the other side of the Omniverse, to start his journey over.

But, all in all, he had saved his Kingdom. He protected innocent lives, and even those who weren't innocent. With balance, there was calm, and now, he would start the journey back home.

Over the years, he has learned of the Key's powers, and abilities, such as nearly stopping his aging process. He still carries the blade that the Prince had given him, and now searches for the other, of which is named "Save the Princess". Travelling across the Omniverse, he has met many powerful beings, and fought countless battles, and will continue to do so, untill he finds his way back to Vinahne. His home.

Theme Song : "A Fire On Manhatten" - Bloodgroove.
( Shortened Template )​

~ Template ~

Name : Kry Raven

Age : 284 or so. Appears roughly 24.

Gender : Male.

Race : Undead Kagorian.

Personality : Relaxed, intelligent, cold hearted, lazy, but doesn't pass up the chance to fight.

Appearance :
Kry has short, black spiked hair. He has crystal blue eye's, and pale white skin. His body type is seemingly average, but he is much stronger than he looks. This fools most when entering a fight; Usually making their opinion of him differ greatly. He stands nearly 6''0, but slouches constantly.

His clothing is rather awkward for a fighter. A blue shirt, and dark blue worn-out pants, held up by a few belts overlapping eachother. The shirt is accompanied by small straps, of which hold the holster for his blade, the Caladbolg. Also, a small plate covers his upper left chest. This is attatched to his sturdy silver armguard. Along the left arm, there is a tattoo, spelling out the word "Ireland" in Kagorian symbolics. Kry got the tattoo just after obtaining the Caladbolg. Following the tattoo, is a shell bracelet, then a series of rings on his fingers. On the other hand, is a strange auroric ribbon tied throughout his fingers. A ring that reads ancient Kagorian script holds it in a tight manner, allowing the ribbon's tale to flutter about during movements. Travelling up his arm, however, is a slightly disturbing mark called the "Mark of Regret".
Following up to his neck, he wears a chain link necklace with the Kagorian emblem on it ( The outline of a star, with an even sided cross in the middle of it. ) to symbolized his ex-position as King.
He wears black, comfortable shoes, with white laces tucked inside. Although you hardly ever see his shoes, considering his pants are rather baggy.

Equipment :
Caladbolg - A legendary weapon, said to have cut the tops off of three mountains with ease. Caladbolg's power comes from it's weilder. The more spirit energy fed to it, the more power it has. However, this power drains quickly, and thus, the weilder must regenerate it's energy often. The blade was forged by Hades, god of the underworld. Crafted with rare metals, such as obsidian, and mythril. The blade itself lengths nearly four feet long, and four inches wide.
On each side of the blade, sit a maroon colored crystal formed by pure spirit energy. One of the crystal's allow Kry's spirit energy to transfer into the blade more efficiently. The other produces an aura while at the same time, acts as a magnet for everything within it's aura. Every being's spirit ( except the gems energy provider ) within this energy dome is drawn towards the gem, connected with it and is disallowed access to the Astral Plane. The ones drawn to the gem, cannot access the Plane, simply because the gem controls the connection. However, this crystal is removable by the weilder as well, to stop the effect completely. In the midst of the blade, is a special gem from Hades. It protects the sword from most moderate magical damage by creating another sort of aura around itself. It provides a moderate magical barrier to sheild magic attacks. The hilt is five inches, just breaking the width limit of it's blade. Gold trimmed, it is also made of obsidian and mythril. The handle is enwrapped with a red ribbon, tied at it's ends.

Silver Armlet - An armlet that sits on Kry's left arm. It's very sturdy, and can minimize damage to that side ( If hit on the armlet, of course. ).

Cigarettes - Strangely enough, Kry has added smoking to his life. Since he is dead, he cannot die. Therefor, smoking doesn't effect him. He carries a pack with him at all times. Mostly Marlboro. The pack is normally located in his back pocket.

Abilities :
Spirit Energy - Kry has the ability to use spirit energy constantly. Since he is dead, he does not tire, and thus he is able to channel mass amounts of energy through his body, and into items, weapons, etc. without growing tiresome. His sword depends mostly on this, and the amount of spirit energy within himself.

Blade of Awe - Forcing mass amounts of Incarnum into Caladbolg, Kry can use the overflowing energy to create a very devestating direct attack, or moderate ranged strike by striking the ground.

Earthquake - Using Caladbolg as a tool, Kry sends Incarnum through the blade, and into the ground, causing a disturbance. The more spirit energy used, the greater effects the disturbance causes. However, Kry has been known to use only his hands to perform this action.

Biography : Kry was born to the beautiful planet Kagoran. It was covered with lush and rich green landscapes; Everything was extravagant, and luxurious. Even it's cities and kingdom's left the average viewer in awe. This land was run by no other than the King of Kagoran. This man happened to be the father of Kry, making him, prince of Kagoran.

Since Kry was a mere child, he had let off a strange and mistifying energy. At the age of two, for example, he had channeled spirit energy into a pebble. Now, most Kagorians could do this, but not at such a young age. It fightened some in the royal family, such as his mother, but to most, he was a golden child. A true King he was to become, and ruler of Kagoran.

However, as the years passed, he proved himself to be a wonderful blessing to Kagoran. He was an A student in his classes, and by the time he reached moderate world history ( This was for all the age of seven ), he had skipped a whole year. Things seemed to be going nicely.

At the age of ten, he was out of school, and ready to learn swordsmanship. His father gladly tought him at request, every saturday, and sometimes sunday. By the age of thirteen, he had become a fine swordsmen.

At fifteen, he was made captain of the Maroon Knights of Kagoran. However, these knights did not have too many missions. Only the average retrieving of payment, from the surrounding city. Sometimes catching a few thugs, but nothing seemed to be.. enough.

Six months after he was made captain of the Maroon Knights of Kagoran, a nearby kingdom declared war with his father. With only a months preperation, the King assembled his armies to defend the assault, as did Kry and his band of Maroon Knights. Going against his father's wishes, he marched to the gates of his kingdom, and battled with the oncoming horde.

For three days, and three nights did this war rage on, untill finally, the Maroon Knights and their surrounding king's army had won. They defended their kingdom, and proved to be an outstanding force. The surrrounding kingdom's fell into a blind fret, and sufficed their attempts. All order was restored.. for now.

A long year passed, and Kry had become a master in the art of swords. However, he seeked something more than this.. and told his father of it. From then on, he was to set out on an adventure, to find himself, and his purpose in this world. To find what he was to become. The king.. or the Knight?

Kry ventured across the land of Kagoran, sailed across the great ocean to the outer continents, battled many beasts ( such as the obsidian dragon in the western mountains ), and met many accomplices. In all of this.. he found happiness, and discovery. The only thing he wanted, was to learn of his surrounding world. So he continued.

On one of his adventures, when he was seventeen, he met an old man while on the road. This man took Kry to hone his skills in the catagory of spirit energy. The man explained to him the wonders of the Omniverse, intergalactic travel, and the Astral Plane; where his spirit energy came from. In all of this.. he had learned of everything he wished to know. But still yearned for more reason, and ability. So, the man told him of a great legend. The Caladbolg; a sword said to cut off the tops of three mountains, using only spirit energy. So.. Kry set out to find it.

After a harsh jounrey, he came upon the ancient land it was said to be. Before long.. he had found it. In a temple, just in the middle of the land. Beautiful it was.. and so he took it. Immediately, he felt the powers it held.. and it cried to him in happiness. Kry's energy soon molded into the blade, and gave it strength. Now.. there was nothing left in the world to find. It was time to return home.

When he arrived at his kingdom, he was showered with flowers and goods from his people. He was now 18.. and would take his place on the throne, as King of Kagoran. Once inside the palace, he received the crown, and was declared King. With his blade in hand, and crown on head, he vowed to protect his kingdom whatever the costs. Even in death; which little did he know.. would be very possible.

Four years later, he was twenty two. A great ruler, and warrior. However... his greatness would be questioned when the evil times ahead were revealed.

Once again, a kingdom had declared war. But this time.. only gave a day's preperation. Kry assembled his troops, and Maroon Knights ( Whom of which he was still captain of ) and lead them to war. However, to a tragic surprise.. they were to face thousands.

For eight days they fought, and were forced to retreat with what forces they had left. Making a last stand at the gate of their kingdom, they defended it, and declared victory. However, the attacker did not declare a loss.

Immediately after Kry had declared victory, the skies turned dark, and thin lightning of red appeared above the kingdom. A terrible red dragon decended from it's depths in the skies, and began to attack the kingdom. In all haste, Kry started towards his tallest tower to make the final stand for his kingdom. For his, Kagoran.

With sword in hand, he channelled as much spirit energy as he possibly could. The dragon then unleashed an unfathomable sphere towards the tower, and insurred destruction. At this, Kry lept from his tower, and struck the sphere. The energies collided, and a mass explosion was created, wiping out Kry, and the dragon. Kry was dead.

Kry then awoke in Kagoran's underworld. The underworld of which was controlled the god known as Hades. After speaking with Hades, he was sent to a FarPlane, to wander endlessly. An act of charity, so to speak. Considering all in the underworld lost their souls.

Meanwhile in his kingdom, a proper burial was made. His sword, which had been shot towards the ground and pierced into it, stood by his statue. A fine remembrance indeed. But what would the kingdom do without a ruler? Fall at the hands of their opposing enemies? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Kry travelled throughout the FarPlane for two hundred or more years. He had become quite connected to it, and felt as if this were now his home. The past had been forgotten.. and everything seemed to be tranquil. Untill, he was summoned by Hades. Hades told him that his punishment for death had ended, and he was to return to his world. Giving Kry a form of himself as he was before he died, he was able to walk among the living world. Although, he did not have a body... only a form of one. In terms.. he was still dead. He did not sleep, he did not eat, nor drink. Only walk, and live in death's shadow. However.. it was time to return to his kingdom once again.

When there, only one word would describe the ruin, and unbearable sights. Hell. Everything was in flame, and creatures of all sorts now inhabitated the kingdom. However, his statue still stand, with his sword sticking out of the ground infront of it. A line of people, and odd creatures stood infront of it, one after another, attempting to pull the sword from it's resting place. Kry, walked to his sword, grasped the handle, and unsheathed it from the earth. With sword in hand once again.. he was fit to fight the being that destroyed his land. Or.. the kingdom that declared war in the first place.

Not much is remembered by Kry, of what happened next. He only remembers blood on his hands, and the kingdom that declared war with his, in flames. Now, he uses spirit energy to travel throughout the Omniverse. He has been on countless adventures, and even so, he does not feel anything. Only stress, or tranquility when he is meditating( which he does often. ).

In all the worlds, galaxy's, and plane's he has ventured into.. Kagoran remains his only true home.

Name: Kusa Rellik.

Age: 22.

Gender: Male.

Race: Undead Human.

Class: Broad Swordsman.

Equipment :
- Broad Sword.
This sword is Kusa's main weapon in battle. At a shy length of five feet, and being lightweight, it enables Kusa to maneuver it with ease. The sword is a sturdy steel, which is even edged untill it reaches the triangle tip, where it forms jagged on one side. The handle is made of alloy, and clothed by a red tape, leading to the hilt, of which is a silvery steel painted black.

- Mamorinuku. It is black, with half-inch long lines in the center of the blade, starting at the hilt, and continuing up the blade. It symbols how many souls the blade has taken. It lengths nearly six feet long, and almost eight inches in width. The blade itself is made of a durable steel. Light, but strong. The sword of one thousand souls. It's weilder can choose to take a dead human's soul, to strengthen the blade's endurance. Kusa came into posession of this, after he was killed, at Mt. Ember, by a strange man in red armour. He fought this man, and failed. Fortunately, when Kusa was ressurected, he fought the man once more, and retrieved the blade. But, instead of returning it to the underworld as Hades instructed, he menaced the ability of taking souls, and continued walking the planet with it.

- Arm Guard. This padding was made by Kusa himself. It appears thick, on his left shoulder, but is quite thin. It fools most, but when struck right, it would shatter. It's overlapped sides withhold a stained silver, and the word 'RelliK' painted in black.

- Glove. Kusa's dependent right hand is sheathed by a brown wornout glove. Although, it may fool some when being struck by not raw fist beneath it's leather, but a sturdy metal sheet.

- The Devil's Ring. This ring is on Kusa's index finger, on his left hand. It allows him to temporarely disappear before all but elven eye's. Before his village was destroyed, a great and terrible king visit the land, and stayed in the most divine sanctuary in the village, for a small parliament vacation. Kusa snuck in his room at night, and stole jewelry. Unfortunately for him, he was caught, and stripped of all stolen goods. All but the ring, which Kusa held tight in his mouth while the soldiers searched him.

- Sanctuary's Rock. This rock is the only thing Kusa has left of his village. It is a swirl white blue, and has a hole near the top. It's just about an inch, if not a hair width less. Kusa wears it around his neck at all times. He doesn't know what it does, but he gets a strange feeling when he looks into it.

Occupation: Mercenary.

- Blitz
. Kusa obtained the ability Blitz, from an old man, whilst on one of his Mercenary travels. He trained with this old man for two weeks, before mastering the skill. When used, Kusa strikes the ground with his broad sword, creating three small electric waves beneath the ground. It's results vary, but Kusa has found it possible to manipulate the direction of the three waves. Far apart versus hordes, and closer together for a single target.

- Kenji. This ability allows Kusa to jump higher than most, and continue jumping while keeping his endurance, and breathing level. The skill was obtained when he was a child, just after his village Sukai was destroyed. He was left with nothing, untill a young woman found him. She took him back to her village, Tanake, a secret village that was supposed dead. There Kusa learned flexibility, form, stance, basic fighting skills, and the art of Kenji.

- Devil's Ring. The ring allows him to become temporarely invisible. Only lasting for a short time of 30 or so seconds, Kusa cannot be seen by any, but the trained eye of an elf.

- Way of the Theif. This skill was obtained when Kusa was just fifteen years of age. He mingled with theives, and enjoyed being around them. Soon he became close friends with the clan, and found himself stealing and shoplifting for pleasure. Kusa regrets the horrible memories, but uses the way of the theif when in need of food, or such items.

- Soul Eater. The Mamorinuku collects a dead human's soul, to strengthen itself. The weilder can choose to take the soul, or allow it to return to the planets Underworld, or Haven.

- Destruction. Destruction is a powerful attack, much like Blitz, but with the Mamorinuku blade. It's power ranges between moderate, and extreme damage.

- Fallen Angel. Kusa becomes unable to control his body, as his fallen angel takes over. This ability was unfortunately obtained while being sent to the Underworld. Kusa developed a rather dark, and disobedient fallen angel within him, and only releases it when he is most in-need. Otherwise, Kusa will never release the beast within him. The nightmare. When turned, Kusa is slightly stronger, and faster. His appearance hardly alters, discluding his red eye's.

- Tellah's Potion. After being resurrected, Kusa came upon an old travelling Tellah, in need of assistance. He helped the man, and received a potion, which heals wounds. The potion is able to heal small injuries, and help with severe damage.

Personality: Kusa is bright, but flonts his words immaturely. He is very youthful, and it shows in his attitude towards everything. Rarely serious, he likes to play with children, and joke with anyone he meets. Truely a juvenille portray for his enemies. But, when doing his job as a mercenary, he is rutheless, uncaring, and devilish.

Appearance: Kusa stands five feet, eleven inches. He is average when it comes to muscle, and size, but appears to be stronger than he looks when fighting. He has dirty blonde hair, that spikes even during the most accelerated of movements. He has blue eye's, and pale white skin.
Kusa is clothed by a rather different outfit from most. Blue worn out jeans, white shirt, and brown boots. His shirt is littered with straps, and the rope which holds his sword. On his left arm, he wears his armguard just on his shoulder. Further down, he is cuffed by a small chain bracelet. On the same hand, he wears three rings. His right arm is wrapped in a bandage from the elbow down to his worn out brown glove. The leather glove contains a sheet of metal, that allows Kusa's punches to be more effective on his opponents. Kusa's chest is padded by one round shaped steel plate, which covers very little.
His jeans, are held up by two black belts. Beat and worn down, due to the times he was forced to use them on his adventures.

Bio: Kusa ventured through a rather horrible, and chaotic life. His childhood years in the village Sukai were filled with fun, love, laughter, and kindness. Although when he was ten years of age, his village was attacked and destroyed, leaving him alone alive.

Three days later, he was found by a beautifull young girl, and taken back to a strange, ancient village that was said to be no more, named Tanake. It was a great village, surrounded by green plantlife, and exotic flowers of all sorts. Hidden in the falls of Pathmonia, a land of skeptical parliament. The hidden village Tanake, brought many graces upon Kusa. He was trained in the art of Kenji, and treated well within the village. Although, some village people did not like the idea of an outsider. Soon they became angered with the cheifs decisions to let Kusa stay, and held a village meeting. It was decided that Kusa would be exiled from Tanake. After all the quests, and adventures he had gone through, in order to become a pledged Tanakei, he had been exiled at a young age. Fourteen. Once again, he was left with no home. History seemed to be repeating itself...

After a few months of venturing by his lonesome, Kusa began to steal food from villages, and towns. In order to live, he must steal. So it was justified. Or so he thought.
Soon enough, Kusa realized what he was doing... But didn't care. Mingling with bandits was the next event in his life. Learning their ways, and stealing not only food, but weapons, and strange mythril armors. Soon he was a bandit himself. Skilled in the art, and pleasured by it. Untill he was fifteen and one half.
Kusa was sent on a mission to retrieve a priceless object, from a king. But, Kusa was caught, and brought forth to the king, whom give him the choice of a loyal soldier at the kings hand, or death. Kusa, made his choice quick, and easily. A loyal soldier he was to become, for two years.

After serving his duty, Kusa was released into the world as a citizen once again, only to become a mercenary for money. He was skilled in swordsmanship, and didn't ask much questions. A true mercenary if there ever was one. Young, but skilled.

On one of his adventures, he came across an old man. He spent two weeks at the mans house, on invitation. There, he learned a skill called Blitz. After he had mastered the technique, he solemnly swore never to forget of the mans kindness, and tell every lone traveller of his great heart.

By the time Kusa was seventeen, he was highely recommended amung rich settlers, some merchants, and even a few Kings. His hard work as a mercenary had paid off, and it was time for him to go completely professional. Although, little did Kusa know, he would be getting himself into the most excurciatingly painful, and sorrowful adventure of his life.

At age eighteen, Kusa was arrogant enough to test himself, in every way possible. Travelling the world, and facing it's many horrifying creatures, and legends. Soon, he heard of the Upicha desert tale. No one had ventured into the desert, and returned. Kusa attempted this challenge, but failed as soon as day turned to night. Creatures of all sorts attacked him furiously. Luckily for him, a man traveling the desert outskirts spotted him, and returned him to his village, Tanake. Here, he was accepted once again, as a Tanakei.

After six months of living with the Tanakei again, he set out, to train as a swordsman. Temporarely abondoning his job as a mercenary, to find himself as a person, and explore the world, graduating his abilities.

At the age of twenty two, Kusa was offered a job. One Hundred thousand gil, to assasinate a wanted criminal. It seemed as if it was easy enough, for so much gil. Kusa took the job. He was finally ready to test his newly obtained strength.

Kusa tracked the man down, and followed him through the terrible Upicha desert. They soon reached Mt. Ember, where Kusa and the man fought. Sadly, Kusa lost his life, and the man was left unpunished for all he had done.

Soon, Kusa could see a bright light. The brightest light. But it did not blind him, nor scare him. It gladened him, in some strange, warm way. He had made it to the Haven. He had become one of Pathmonia's angels, or one of the "lost". Kusa began to sleep for extended periods of time.. dreaming away his life as an angel, disobeying the voices in his head.

Kusa then awoke in a strange, alien world. A world of which was named, the Underworld. Kusa was then greeted by it's keeper. Hades. Hades told him of his wrong-doings, but stated that he was not to stay in the underworld, nor go to the Haven above. Kusa was to remain in Pathmonia, but not as human. As an undead angel. For he had not finished his duty as a mercenary. Hades wished for the man Kusa was tracking, to die. He must, or all order would be lost. Hades stated, that the man carried an ancient artifact, called the Mamorinuku. It collected the souls of dead humans, instead of allowing them to venture into the Underworld. Which of course, angered Hades.

Kusa was then revived, but returned to his body as something more. A fallen angel. His arm was now littered with markings, and he felt a strange darkness within him. A want, and yearn to kill. He ignored it, and started off, to continue what he started.

Few days passed, and Kusa finally caught up with his killer. He confronted him, and fought untill he couldn't anymore. The man swore to take his soul this time.. But Kusa began to change before the man had a chance. Kusa transformed... into something evil. His fallen angel had taken over.

He then awoke, with the man's blood all over himself. He had killed him... But he did not regret it. He didn't feel sorrow. He felt pleasure. Thus, taking the Mamorinuku, he began his new life, as an undead, fallen angel.

In time, Kusa gained the ability to travel through, and throughout the Omniverse. Using the Underworld as a gateway, he has been able to transport himself to different worlds, using the faint link between the living and the dead. Him being both, he is allowed to pass forth at will.

His reasons for abusing the ability differ, but his main motive, is hunger for more souls. Feeding the Mamorinuku as he travels, he is able to manipulate his dark self, using the blade to control it's fury. Although, he hasn't had the chance to completely disable it's free will.

Now, he finds himself haunting the Omniverse with his treachery, consuming the souls of each unfortunately strong being he encounters.. Untill now.

Theme Song: "M.I.A" - Avenged Sevenfold.

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Kanji of Heaven
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Name : Soji
Age : 16
Gender : Male
Personality : Cold and lonely.
Appearance :

Normal Form- White-blonde hair, fairly long. Bright blue eyes. A pale face and skin. Always wears his Cloak of Midnight (Pure black) to hide his appearance from others.
Secondary Form- Long white-blonde hair. Blood-red eyes with purple pupils. Same pale skin except long black lines now circle around his body. Teeth are carnivorous. Short claws replace his fingernails and an ominous aura surrounds him.
Primary Form- Body-length white-blond hair. Same Blood-red eyes except the purple pupil is shaped like a triangle. His skin is now pure black. His teeth are cruel fangs and large, black wings have erupted from his shoulder blades. Large horns now poke through his long hair and his claws have extended six inches.
Equipment/Weapon : Cloak of Midnight- A family heirloom that Soji stole before abandoning his post at Heaven's gate. The Cloak of Midnight allows Soji to pass to any point in the world he wishes. Due to being made of pure darkness, the cloak is virtually indestructable and will regenerate when damaged.
Book of Incane- A tiny book that Soji rarely uses. It was a gift from his older brother, Kratos, just before Kratos had abandoned his post at the Gate. The book was Soji's guide to awakening the dark powers of his race. Most of the time, Soji keeps it hidden safely on a chain.
Assorted bottles- Soji will often carry bottles of his victom's blood or bones. He uses these when he can't find the resourse in a battle, seeing as flesh, blood, and bones are his main weapons.
Abilities: Soji's true power comes from his body. He carries no weapon and uses the elements of his body along with the elements of the world to inflict damage on his enemies. Soji verbalizes his attacks so other RPers can understand what he's doing. Each of his attacks has two parts. The channeler and the command. The channeler refers to what Soji is channeling his energy into and the command refers to what he's commanding the energy to do. Commands could be nearly anything, but I will list the channels. (Some commands could be seen often though)
Kurenai - Fire Channeling
Kurogane - Earth Channeling
Aoi - Water Channeling
Enkai - Wind Channeling
Doruko - Bone Channeling
Kawa - Flesh Channeling
Chi - Blood Channeling
Mei - Dark Channeling
If Soji's sister comes into an RP, the light channeling is "Shiro".
Soji has several other abilities up his sleeve that come from his demon heratige, such as the Demonic Seduction- When Soji uses his eyes and voice as a pathway into the opposer's mind. This enables him almost complete control and the ability to be very convincing. It is trademark for his eyes to flood red when he activates this power and his voice to become emmensly deep.
Biography : Soji is one of the last of the "White" Demons. For centuries, his family guarded Heaven's gate from their dark counterparts. Of course, they were just demons that had turned to the light. As such, deep inside they still retained demon forms and powers.
When Soji was young, his older brother, Kratos, abandoned his family and his post in order to lead life as one of the dark demons. Before he left though, he gave Soji the Book of Incane. It is a book full of the old arts of the demons. Soji began to study the book just as his brother had and found the new powers to be very interresting. Hopes of being the bridge between light and darkness were soon crushed when he realised his brother's treachery. As soon as Soji had enhanced his body with darkness, his light powers had been destroyed. Soji too, abandoned his post, but in search of revenge on his brother. That was the last time Soji ever trusted anyone.
Menai was Soji's younger sister and began to hate Soji for turning to darkness and leaving. Menai was delighted when she got orders to hunt down her brothers and kill them. Though, she's never had much luck.
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Name: Chure "Blue" Whim ( Pronounced, Cure Wim )

Age: 16

Gender: Male.

Race: Seiron

Personality : Kind, energetic, and strangely annoying. Chure tries to stay loyal to his friends, and often goes by "Blue". Each adventure branched off of his own is a mandatory priority, but his main journey persists.

He is often a quick thinker in battle, but appears to be your average idiot in the normal conversation.

Appearance: Chure stands five feet, and ten inches tall. His build is quite impressive judging by his size, and is seemingly average. He has a dark blue, themed hair color, and allows his hair to drape down just above, and sometimes just over his eye brows. To match this, his crystal blue eye's blend with his hair color easily, portraying a very... blue look. His face color, however, is a pale white.

Chure is clothed by a rather peculiar attire. It's based color scheme is a grey blue, and black to create an elusive look at night. His shirt is black, littered with straps, and sheathed by a white overshirt. The overshirt is a grey-white color, with very short blue sleeves, that are white trimmed. The overshirt is tightly secured by a black belt just at it's bottom ridge. This is also where Chure's armor starts. The armor is a thin, durable black metal, comfortably fastened onto his legs, stopping at his ankles. However, this armor isn't as bulky, and unmanageable as most wear. It was made especially for him, and him alone to fit his growth pattern, and specific shape, allowing him to move efficiently without the armor interupting the movement in any way.

On his left shoulder, is a blue trimmed, grey armguard, braced by one of the straps under his overshirt. Another strap, secures the sheath on his back, for Dragoon. The sheath is pitch black, with only a few screws visible.

Strangely enough, Chure even has accessories on his wrists, and arms. They are also blue themed. He wears a wrist band on the right arm, and a blue, yellow trimmed glove on the left. In the knuckles of the glove, sit metal caps for more efficient damage from a punch.

Class/Job: Traveller/Theif/Mercenary

Element: Water ( Question about this; How exactly will we be using the element ability? Manipulation of the stated element, or do you have something else in mind? )

Weapon(s): Dragoon : A prized posession, and beautiful blade Chure recieved as a present from his father. Just before dying in his bed, of sickness, he gave the blade to Chure as a family tradition continued. The sword reaches four feet in length, and three and a half inches in width. It's blade is a sapphire blue, devoured by overlapping black markings, swirling through and across the blade. The hilt of the blade, is a dark black, sought to be made of a rare ore of some kind. The handle is a shiny orichalcum design, enwrapped by a crimson red ribbon.

Biography: Chure Whim was born to a hectic, and uncontrollable, but beautiful home, located in the outskirts of the First Kingdom of Saldor. This household was dominated by a rather agressive male, and under the control of said male. This man was Chure's father, Kane. He was a respectable, and reasonable man, excluding the hours he wasn't away on duty, as a knight. This outrageous attitude continued on for eight long years, untill finally, he had been diagnosed with a rare sickness.

Kane had obtained a rare virus from a metal in the south, while on an important mission to deliver a parcel. To save time, him and his men had taken a short cut through a forest, finding a mesmerising metal within it's depths. It seemed a chemicle was emitted from the metal, and once the chemicle was inside a living thing, it began to eat away at it's organs. Unfortunately, no one had a recorded cure for this chemicle.. and Kane was ensured a violent, painful, and sluggish death.

After a year of suffering, Kane had become a rather.. good person. He had sworn to himself to never again inflict pain upon someone he loved, and from then on, he was actually acting like a father. The abusive actions, malevolent slurs, and rergretable wrong-doings towards his family had ended.

Upon reaching this saint-like state, he bonded with Chure with swordsmenship. Every day after class, Chure's father would train him, and teach him in the art of sword, and hand to hand combat. These days were the most memorable times in Chure's past, as far as he could remember, and he would cherish them forever.

At age twelve, he had become quite the little warrior. It seemed every other day he was getting into fights with wooden swords, and beating the other kids at physical games he created himself. One time, he had organized a small boxing tournament. Impressive yes, but the ones who were hurt, didn't give such positive outlooks on the matter. Those few children, told their parents. Those parents, told their child's teacher, and the teacher told Chure's parents. After discussion, the magicks teacher and Chure's parents decided it be best to stop his education in magicks.

A yeat after this event, Chure discovered a strange ability; The power to control water, and other liquid subtances. It was truly amazing. However, Chure did not tell this to his parents. He feared he would suffer more, just as he did for being skilled in combat. So.. he secret honed his skills, and gradually increased, and furthered his abilities with the manipulation of water.

All was well, untill the day after Chure's fourteenth birthday. His father was inspected by a doctor, and told that he only had a few hours, perhaps even a single hour to live. He was finally going to die, from the chemicle in the metal he had found years ago.

At this fate, he summoned his son to his bed, and told him of a prized posession of his, that had been passed down from his father, and his father's father, continuing on to his great ancestors. A beautiful blade, named Dragoon. Kane handed this blade to his son, Chure, and died moments later.

Time slowly elapsed.

Once Chure had turned fifteen, he came to the conclusion, that he must venture across the world to find a cure for the sickness his father had died from. He swore to himself, that he would travel across the lands of Saldor, and find the remedy, or even invent one. At this sudden thought, he packed, and set out on an adventure.

Now, sixteen, Chure wanders aimlessly searching for the remedy that can cure anyone who suffers from the sickness his father had two years ago. It remains his top priority. However, Chure does do the occasional side quests, work, and thiefery to get by. A few sidequests include, his journey through the underground catacombs, the Mythril Cave, and the desert. Even a few mercenary jobs, here and there. He even stops to help a few, infrequently. However, upon meeting someone, he often introduces himself as "Blue" instead of "Chure".
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Name: Rayex Kunokai

Age: 22

Gender: Male


Life is a battlefield one would say. You fight for love and for pride. Victory is not the only thing a person seeks. We go only so far to prove whom we really are, even that in return isn't enough. Why do we fight, why do we love, its mystery is boundless. We choose our own paths and shape our own destiny. Why do i fight you may ponder.....I fight for all reasons. Love, Life, Pride, Fear, and Sins....

Race: Half demon Half Human

Personality: Tends to have a mixture of emotions that all make him strong, anger which is only brought forth in times of serious peril, compassion which is a rare emotion that comes to mind when on the battlefield. With these emotions all at his control his movements depict some form of the many emotions that he expresses in the midst of combat. While maintaining this balance fear is the last thing that comes to mind in a life and death situation. With his new demonic aura that circles about him, he tends too loose himself in blind anger and hate. He tends to stay in control, but for one time when he utterly anihilated his foes by going full demon.


Rising to about 6'0 he carries the Breakblade of Dark Flame and portrays the badarse type of look 24/7


Dual crossblades: they are slender blades that tend to be mere extensions of gauntlets. The flip inward and outward for swift attacks, the blades themselves double as a shield parrying certain attacks made by blades with nominal steel content. A mase however would shatter these blades on impact.

Kunai Knives: Following up with the secondary weapons that can be strategized into both hand to hand combat and long range attacks. If the dual crossblades should ever fail, these deadly kunai bestow up Rayex's hips as a last resort sacrificial technique when in close combat with an overwhelming enemy.

Scythe of Adamant: Incredibley sharp blade that Rayex carries on his only to use on solemn occassion. This weapon of incredible destruction institutes the most gruesome death possible. Mainly used to literaly take his opponents apart piece by piece. The blade was forged by the hardest substance on the planet making it unbreakable.

Demon Wind Shuriken: Massive stars that are used to blind sight his opponents. From a concealed these weapons are most dangerous. Taking the form of a wind mill it can slice through the air with the greatest of ease. Foes tremble at its massive amount of strength it possess. Rayex carries these on his back along with his scythe.

Paper Bombs: Basic skill converting energy into the decided paper carrying the symbol of destruction. When the user channels his chakra into the given paper while pinned on his opponent it is set to detonate at the users will.

Path of Dusk Keblade: A blade forged a night as a symbol of light. It has darkness burried deep within and can be tapped into when its user submits to the darkness within them. It posses the ability to distort speed and move the user to incredible speeds. Another alows the user to fire aura based on their alignment of light and darkness.

Breakblade of Darkflame: A sword made of the finest steel found in the underworld. The evil it emits is Dark fire taking demonic energy and manipulates it into Darkness and fire combined. This blade carries a curse along to its wielder and entraps them in darkness forever. They too meld with the dark fire when its full potential is unleashed


Bushido Tan no Jutsu: This is Rayex's second most powerful thunder based jutsu. It channels his chakra into both hands and converts it into electricity. It is most gruesome when in contact with a foe wearing metal which in return serves as a conductor to further their destruction.

Thunder paralysis Jutsu: Channels static into weapons so when struck or in close contact with opponent they are left paralyzed for about 2mins giving the user time to dispose of the given target.

Hidden Flame Jutsu: Upon the initiation of this jutsu, fire travels underground and searches for a nearby heat source to engulf them in a sphere of flames. While trapped within the firey hell, they most likely die burning to death.

Substitution jutsu: basically a jutsu when performed replaces the user's body with an inanimate object such as a log upon an enemy's blow or strong enough force from contact of attack. It can teleport the user about 40 feet away from the sight of impact.

Lightning blaze no Jutsu: The most powerful thunder based jutsu Rayex knows. Chakra is manipulated into lightning which is then transferred to the ground, in combination with special wire, the lightning thus travels to the designated area near opponent electrifying everything in sight.

Dancing Dragon Flame Jutsu: Unleashes a massive amount of fire that takes the form of twin dragons. The Fire wraps around the given opponent and both Dragons then converge on a opponent burning them in a series of flames.

Gokagen teh no Jutsu: Shoots fire from his mouth in all different directions scattering over the battlefield. It shoots a mass of 36 fireballs at incredible speeds.


Aura shield: projects a grey shield that last about 10 seconds to repel any projectile based attacks that come forth. This skill was earned when tapping into the power of the path of dusk keyblade.

Daybreak: This ability enables the user to move near lightspeed for a short period of time. Everything around the user begins to move slower, giving them the advantage as they decisively attack opponents in their seemingly frozen state.

Aura Blast: this attacks channels the energy from the user into an attack depending on alignment of light and darkness. Either way the attack is fierce and especially dangerous to those in opposite alignment of the attack.

Black Flame: shoots fire that is tainted with darkess. This attack is unleashed from the Breakblade of Demon Flame. Impossible to extinguish with water alone.

Darkness Rein: Rips a small vortex in the sky and it rains down meteors of dark fire on opponents of the user's desire.


Demon Flame: This form engulfs the user in black and green fire upon the curse of a demonic blade. They are able to manipulate both darkness and fire and taint it to work against anyone that manipulates it. This type of fire doesn't have a weakness to water as it can only be put out by normal fire, light, and water all at the same time. This power devastates everything insights unleashing the users darkside. Only thoughts of destruction and desolation are brought about. If the user has a strong will he can control the form with ease. Along with wielding the Breakblade of Dark Flame.

Demonic Desolation: When in the Demon flame form and undergoing a serious amount of anger and hatred. The user then transforms to a full fledged dragon with demonic aura mixed with fire. It assimilates the Breakblade of Dark Flame to make its full transformation. The user only thinks about rampaging blindly and attacks anything insight.

Bio: As a child Rayex grew up in the harsh reality of the world around him. He never knew what the word family meant to him. Coming to realize that he couldnt weep for his forgotten parents forever he tossed those memories and his weakness aside. Setting off into the world to train and become a warrior worth mentioning. Among his many exploits he soon hoped he would become stronger.

Upon traveling the world, Rayex mind began to grow. On his many ventures he fought many a difficult foe and was even overwhelmed by their might. With every battle a lessoned was learned as he studied thier unique fighting styles and configured ways to counter. Mentors, teachers, and senseis showed Rayex many forms of Martial arts that he too took into consideration. With this depth of knowledge at his disposal, he utilized three unique fighting styles that best suit he form of attack and weapon combination patterns. Tai-chi, which takes an opponents own driving force and sends it back two-fold. The swiftness of this style gave a sense of balance in body, mind, spirit, and soul. The second fighting style considered as breakdancing portion, which made movement unpredictable, wild, and unchained. This style was concieved as a wildcard for Rayex's anger when unleashed. Lastly a southern Chinese style of martial arts which made the body sturdy and provided strong posture to stand ground for even the most devasting a situation. With these styles at his disposable Rayex ventured even further into the world to seek other opponents.

With 5 years that passed Rayex had come across an undefeatable swordsman whom used a unique style of bladesmenship unlike anything he had seen before. This man possed all the qualities of a god. Endulging in conflict with this swordsman Rayex was defeated in merely one move. In the blink of an eye, a lowcut fashion, this swords man had sliced Rayex across the face, twice in the chest, and once across the arm. His movement and timing was incredible, he left rayex in defeat to let him live with the shame. Rayex vowed one day he would destroy this godlike opponet who was feared by all.

After that death defying encounter with his incredibly devastating opponent he had to heal from his crushing defeat and seek his opponet out. It wouldn't be easy as his wounds were the only thing that took a beating. His pride took a crushing blow as well. He would eventually have to overcome it through rigorous training. He spent the next 2 years training non stop, pushing his body to its limits. He even sought out other opponents that fought with his incredibly stong foe. They too suffered massive blows to their bodie's and egoe's. Unlike Rayex, they had given up fighting and lived in the shame of their defeats. Rayex however was strong willed and would never submit completly, fighting to the death was always what came to mind. He learned his opponents techniques from the former warrior's descriptions of their encounters. Seeking a loop hole in his attacks Rayex performed various combat tactics but they only seemed to bring him slghtly closer to reaching his goal. It seemed hopeless, but he finally found the whole in his foe's stategy. He to this day seeks out this man and plots to pay him back for their first enounter.

Eventually when Rayex sought the man out and fought with him for a second time something unexpected happened. While the fought until neither could fight anymore they both ended up killing one another in the crossfire. Rayex had experienced death on the battle field and faded into the next world. He awoke and found himself in the next world or underworld. He met with the god of death and pleaded for his life to walk the earth once more. The god of death furiously yelled at Rayex and then out of neccesity he pointed him in the direction of a way to escape. Rayex eagerly took in the information as he was informed of a half human half godlike blade forged by the gods using human tech. Rayex appeared to be walking the border of life and death as he sought to return so he crossed the darkest parts of the underworld to retrieve this blade. After much toils he finally found the blade, Breakblade of Dark Flame is what it was called. Rayex pulled with every ounce of strength he had and drew the sword from its resting place. Dark fire shrouded around the sword and then engulfing Rayex taking him back to the human world changing him forever. He was still able to die, but given a second chance and changing him forever.

Living his reborn life out on the surface, Rayex began to seek out his powerful Rivals in his past life. He came across numerous opponents whom he never stood a chance against and miraculous was able to hold his own when taking them on in combat. He had no idea he that blade would enhanced his strength nearly 1,000 fold. He became half demon as it was a curse from the very blade itself. It blessed him with control of darkness and flame. He didnt seem to have a weakness to the light as the flame provided a barrier making it somewhat useless. Rayex embraced this new found power and began to take out his most powerfull rivals with so much as even a flick of wrist and snap of his finger. He was amazed by his enchanced strength, but it made him half evil as a downside. He couldnt control his actions when going full demon, to kill a friend would be quite grievous. He made a promise to himself that he would never be overcome by the very darkness he weilded.

Upon his many travels he came upon his old friend Sato, she seemed to be in need of assistance as she was merely a rookie. Rayex chose to fight alongside her, to takedown these new opponents. The task didnt seem to be easy as he would surely, tap into his demonic power. Without so much as even a second thought, Rayex stormed to battlefield and clashed with such incredibly powered opponents. His demonic might clashed with that of those powered from a different race. It was amazing the level of skill they possessed. His current opponent served to be an excellent test in power as they ended in a draw. Deciding to end in a draw they they walked seperate paths and hoped to meet again sometime in the future.


Kanji of Heaven
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Ew. I hate how InuYasha makes people think half-breeds can go full demon. It's just wrong. If you've only got half of the blood in you, it shouldn't work like that. -Shrug-
Name: Xeonharo Dokaratstu

Title: MasterofSinOblivion (Oblivion's Assasin)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Unknown

Personality: Tends to have a mixture of emotions that all make him strong, anger which is only brought forth in times of serious peril, compassion which is a rare emotion that comes to mind when on the battlefield. With these emotions all at his control his movements depict some form of the many emotions that he expresses in the midst of combat. While maintaining this balance fear is the last thing that comes to mind in a life and death situation. Most of the time he tends to be unfeeling wandering the vast stretch of nothing which they call oblivion.

Appearance: Has two faces and appearances. He stands erect to about 6'2'', having short silver hair that blows in the wind. Dressed in a black, school boy outfit he looks still like he goes to highschool, yet his appearance is much older. His attitude, conveys a nearly emotionless stature as his silver loose the lust of compassion, mercy, and pity.


Scythe of Eternal Sins: The purest blade forged in Oblivion that peers into a persons very soul. It has the ability to rip out a heart with one slice and gather the sins of dark being. Anyone with darkness in their hearts has dark desires and intentions. This weapon can unleash their yearning souls that crave desolation and chaos. It feeds off of despair, and grants its weilder control and a lust for power. No ordinary human being can weild a weapon thats purely Oblivion based intentions.

Dual crossblades: they are slender blades that tend to be mere extensions of gauntlets. The flip inward and outward for swift attacks, the blades themselves double as a shield parrying certain attacks made by blades with nominal steel content. A mase however would shatter these blades on impact. This was his only weapon that Xeonharo retained from the human world before passing to the Oblivion realm.


Sin Harvest: Much like tortured souls scream at the mere sight of agony, this techniques amplifies Rayex's power. He harvest the sins of his given opponent and they dance around him screaming. The worst possible fears of anyone, their deepest regret for him to control. Simply to have them relive them and wallow in a pool of self contempt. Death comes abruptly as their soul is the next thing to disperse from their being having being driven to the breaking point of insanity. They are thus left a lifeless shell never to travel to heaven or hell of which a humble nomad speaks of.

Fountain of Sins: His second ability that follows sin harvest devasting effect. This techniques liquifies the sins into pure energy of that of ones soul. Slowly shaping into a fountain of sins. Its the perfect rejuvanation technique that restores internal and external wounds taken to the user. Making them seem as though they are a godlike figure. Simple cast aways, for those who dont repent. The sins fade into the scythe when completed.

Teleportation: Just as the technique implys, simple teleportation to any given location. A traveling collector of sins needs to be in many a location when seeking out those foolish enough to rise against him.

Sin Cyclone: With the aid from his control of wind, the sins of his enemy flow around slowly picking apart his soul wallowing him in self contempt. They slowly fade into the vast nothing slowly loosing their being to the shadows of whom they once were.

Raging Gale: A furious burst of wind, flowing through the users arms providing a great offense and defense.

Air slicing sheath: A series of wind based strikes that effect internal organs. An attack when MoSO relentlessly attacks any given opponent 125 times without stoppong once, aiming for every possible vital point. The attack ends with one shot to the heart slicing air through the main muscle of the human body.

Aerial flux: taking the wind into his scythe he sends an enormous gale of air gushing from a fatal swing aimed for the heart. The wave travels through the human bodies ciruculatory system slicing the veins and arteries within. This succesfully cuts off circulation of blood carrying oxygen and the enemy dies fataly with no blood fluctuation.

Bio: As a child Rayex grew up in the harsh reality of the world around him. He never knew what the word family meant to him. Coming to realize that he couldnt weep for his forgotten parents forever he tossed those memories and his weakness aside. Setting off into the world to train and become a warrior worth mentioning. Among his many exploits he soon hoped he would become stronger.

Upon traveling the world, Rayex mind began to grow. On his many ventures he fought many a difficult foe and was even overwhelmed by their might. With every battle a lessoned was learned as he studied thier unique fighting styles and configured ways to counter. Mentors, teachers, and senseis showed Rayex many forms of Martial arts that he too took into consideration. With this depth of knowledge at his disposal, he utilized three unique fighting styles that best suit he form of attack and weapon combination patterns. Tai-chi, which takes an opponents own driving force and sends it back two-fold. The swiftness of this style gave a sense of balance in body, mind, spirit, and soul. The second fighting style considered as breakdancing portion, which made movement unpredictable, wild, and unchained. This style was concieved as a wildcard for Rayex's anger when unleashed. Lastly a southern Chinese style of martial arts which made the body sturdy and provided strong posture to stand ground for even the most devasting a situation. With these styles at his disposable Rayex ventured even further into the world to seek other opponents.

With 5 years that passed Rayex had come across an undefeatable swordsman whom used a unique style of bladesmenship unlike anything he had seen before. This man possed all the qualities of a god. Endulging in conflict with this swordsman Rayex was defeated in merely one move. In the blink of an eye, a lowcut fashion, this swords man had sliced Rayex across the face, twice in the chest, and once across the arm. His movement and timing was incredible, he left rayex in defeat to let him live with the shame. Rayex vowed one day he would destroy this godlike opponet who was feared by all.

After that death defying encounter with his incredibly devastating opponent he had to heal from his crushing defeat and seek his opponet out. It wouldn't be easy as his wounds were the only thing that took a beating. His pride took a crushing blow as well. He would eventually have to overcome it through rigorous training. He spent the next 2 years training non stop, pushing his body to its limits. He even sought out other opponents that fought with his incredibly stong foe. They too suffered massive blows to their bodie's and egoe's. Unlike Rayex, they had given up fighting and lived in the shame of their defeats. Rayex however was strong willed and would never submit completly, fighting to the death was always what came to mind. He learned his opponents techniques from the former warrior's descriptions of their encounters. Seeking a loop hole in his attacks Rayex performed various combat tactics but they only seemed to bring him slghtly closer to reaching his goal. It seemed hopeless, but he finally found the whole in his foe's stategy. He to this day seeks out this man and plots to pay him back for their first enounter.

When meeting this foe for the second time, they clashed in the realm of a strange place. By sheer unexpectance, they killed one another at the same time. As for his opponent, he traveled to the fiery abyss of hell. Rayex wasn't so fortunate, he found himself as a castaway in an unfamiliar realm known as Oblivion. Chosen by its dark ambitions he was chosen by the Scythe of Eternal Sins. He became the MasterofSinOblivion, whom was a powerful being that walked the reaches of the endless oblivion and took the sins from those in the name of his Oblivion Leader. Here it was as though God didn't seem to exist.

Here he met another being whom existed in Oblivion along with himself. He seemed to rule this domain of non-existence, and intergrated with those whom came into this realm. As castaways from the world they formed the Oblivion Clan. The strongest were the four members that came to unite residing within their unique oblivions. The Master of Sin Oblivion is what he became, and embraced it all to the fullest of his abilities. Passing in the realm void of all human like anomaly.

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Name :666Sora
Age : 15
Gender : Male
Personality : just like Sora with some darkness on the side :biggrin:
Appearance :

Equipment/Weapons : all keyblades in their opposite forms (ex. light keyblades become dark and dark keyblades become light) his defualt is the heartless key.

Biography : It is like a form that he gets when all of the darkness is absorbed into Sora giving him the power to control heartless and some nobodies. As 666Sora he can travel wherever he wants using the darkness also he is over ten times stronger and uses the power of darkness to control the heartless and nobodies to destroy other heartless/nobodies. His story is he was sucked into the darkness and was givin this power of 666Sora to destroy all of the main bosses from the three KH games because they are back and even stronger. Sora is alone so he is givin a very powerful form and can turn into his others Valor, Wisdom, Master, and Final. 666Sora can also invert his other drive forms making the stronger and dark but there is a price to pay. The more he uses the power of darkness the more it consumes him so if he uses it too much it will fully control him which could destroy him and everything he cares about. Also his fighting style is like sora and anti form put together.

Abilities: All of Sora's abilites from all three games and more.
Power to control heartless and nobodies.
Darkness Raid: Hurls keyblade with the power of darkness.
Death Slash: its a dark version of Zantetsuken but it kills multiple enemies.
Darkness Slash: Uses his hands to slice up enemies.
Dark Arcanum: Barrage of slashes with the keyblade and the power of darkness.
Ragnarok of Darkness: keyblade combo with a beam of darkness at the end of the combo.
Dark Trinity: like trinity limit but 666Sora jumps in the air and hurls the keyblade to the ground destroying all near by enemies.
Sonic Death: its like sonic blade but with the power of darkness.
Dark Stun: dark stun impact.

Magic: its all of them from the three kh games and dark versions.
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Name: Exile

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: In my sig just idk acutally look at it xD!

Race: Human

Personality: Emotionless

Title: Emotionless Exile

Weapons: N/A the use of his martial arts and occasional kunai with satchel and chain are all thats required.

Taijutsu: Capoerica, Breakfighting, Strong arm style


Bushido tan no Jutsu: Inititaiting various handsigns he stores chakra that travels through his hands into electricity. In doing so he had two hands at his disposal to use against his opponents. This jutsu was of his creation that alters that of the chidori dividing its power in two. Slamming both simultaneously could cause damage painfully bone shattering.

Subsitution: Initiating various signs, the user is able to replace his body with an object or substained form of matter. With this they can suprise an enemy and mistake them for being obliterated.

Sand guard: Carrying the gourd on his back given to him by Sano Sensei, he learned three types of sand jutsu. This one imparticular requires alot of chakra to perform effectively. Sand rises effectively quick to protect his body from damage for incoming attacks. The downside being the gourd is rather large, so his speed is limmited by not only that, but the weight of his robes and lightwieghts pushing his bodie's physical endurance.

Kagarusa gokyuu no jutsu: Using the sand, Exile can replicate his form and create copies from the sand that can go on the offensive and utilive defense as well. Mainly used for stopping attacks.

Kage bushin no jutsu: Shadow clone replication of himself expanding to a vast number of clones like him that are solid and the attacks are real. The clones are capable of reading minds of one another to formulate attack patternes.

Florasuka Enishi no jutsu: A classic and explosive flame cast on opponent of incredible proportions that literally broil his opponents alive.

Kageteh Geke son no jutsu: creates a sand sinkwhole with teh sand on his back and burries his opponent alive and soon they will be unable to breathe or move once submerged underground for a substantial period of time.

Dojutsu: The sharingan and all of its boasted glory has the ability to copy an opponents movement and jutsu. Overall to see through deception and mischief, it leads an opponent to think that a wielder of great skill is capable of predetermining the future just by reading their movements. To copy an enemy ninja's jutsu in an instant, makes this a fearful dojutsu to have.

Bio: As a young ninja in training, Exile graduated from the academy a relatively decent shinobi in training. He went on many dangerous missions with his squad members Ryoku and Marx. They had to do many things required before going on a C-Rank mission. It was all pretty pointless in the beginning, but they eventually pulled together. His sensei was Kurute and his friend Sano sensei also trained Rayex. On many a good mission he put his life on the line countless times all the while putting his life on the line.

They went on their first C-Rank mission and surely enough, the unexpected hit Exile. Turns out his father whom abandoned him when he was younger had become an assasin to kill the travelors they had to escort. Exile had to fight with a heavy heart know he had to destroy his father. He fought for his mother making his spirit twice as deadly, determined to find out what his father had done with her. He inevitably destroyed, his father whom was really testing his son and gettin on his case about him using his sharingan. He revealed that his mother died and passed the medicine she needed, that her son needed to live for a strange chakra irregularity.

Moving on from the past of his father and mothers death he was truely left alone. There was absolutely no possible person left to aid him so he thought. Sano sensei comforted him in his time of discontent and brought him to the light. Reflecting a little on his past himself, he made Exile smile and his head along with his goals became clear. He would find his own shinobi way, one that didn't involve death and destruction. To protect those whom he cared around him and never regret his choice. With that out of the way he began to prepare for the upcoming chunin exams in his villages as he was within the sand village at the time completing his mission. With that done, he and his squad headed back to the their home village to train for the upcoming exams to promote to chunin.

While home at the village he endured the most brutal training imagainable. Learning sand jutsu from scratch and how it came so close to depleting his chakra levels leaving him defenseless. Pushing his body beyond his limits he learned to to live with it all and became quite resilient in building up his own body's resilience. He had mastered the sand based jutsu that Sano Sensei had taught him or rather come within an extent of mastering it. He collapsed in the sand and fell asleep in the sand as his sensei watched proudly at the fact that he taught him it.

After training, of course they had to undergo the process of registering. Recommended by squad leader Kurute Sensei, he embarked on his opportunity to become a chunin. As his squad ventured to the vast halls of the buildings the ran Exile ran into new rivals and old. The master of taijutsu proved an annoyance as he was unstoppable with one on one taijutsu. Impressively enough there were others there that proved to be such intimidating threats to one another. Exile's team stood unflinching as they were about to begin the test with no prior causualties.

To Exile's disdain he had to take a writtne test as part one of the exams kicked off. The proctor was quite the hardass to tell the truth, using various mind games. He kept putting pressure of possibility of failing the test. To be stuck as a genin for the rest of his life would be rather unpleasant to tell the truth. All the while the test itself was putting a massive strain on top of that. He was almost tempted to cheat off the other genin, as much as he resisted he ended up doing it anyway. He stared at those with moving pencils and moved so his pecil strokes would match those of his. He smirked to see that the eagle eyed sentinels hadn't noticed that he cheated to succeed. Finishing the test and revealing the toughest question, they had a choice to leave or miss the question and remain a genin forever. Keeping his cool, Exile and his team stood unflinching and didnt move. With that established, he moved on to the second half of the test to become a chunin.


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Name: Rokou (and I made this character of mine up before the show avatar was even made)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Personality: Outgoing when he wants to be. Otherwise he is a keep to himself kind of guy.
Weapons: Two short swords with chains connected to the handles. On the other end of the chains is a strap to hold them to your wrists.
Bio: As a kid he lived on a farm with his parents and his sister. About the age of 16 his parents farm was raided. He hid in he basement as his mother and father told him to. He crawled through a small escape tunnel that lead to a forest and a creek. As he creawled out he saw the farm in the distance burning. He had no idea where his sister was. He then wandered in the forest for days. Soon finding an open area in the woods he started to build a house. Not having the tools he again had to travel back to the farm to get the tools needed. After a year passed he had everything done. He grabbed what he could at the farm. Never seeing his parents at all while he was there. Not even their corpse's. He had to travel even farther to get the animals. He lived in the house he built for 5 years before his greatest adventure began. It all started with a traveler who was brutally murdered on his front porch by some creature.


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Weapon: Poe Pole(Can become any weapon)

Magic: Power to summin Dragons,Fire,Physic,Ice,Thunder.

Bio:Has a really bad tember, if you make him mad enough he can do some thing to you that you dont see everyday. Can be fun to be around once you get to kno him, But may be kinda mean when you dont know him.

Info:Was abanded by his grandmother when he was 2, his mother and father died together while on a journey, the were both mages.He found a pack of mages while he was wondering in the woods and asked them to take him in, They did it, Now he is 15 and the strongest mage of the pack.
Name: Rayex Kunokai (The first and Original one)

age: 12

Appearance: Standing to about 5'6'' Rayex is dressed in in black with red streams on the shoulders. Within the his jacket is an white under shirt, and lastly wearing black pants and black shinobi shoes. His face is procured with one hazel eye and one blue eye. His hair is white and pushed up into spikes like the 4th Hokage. Around his forehead is the forehead protector of Konoha and concealed beneath his right pant leg is the hidden cloud shinobi headband that belonged to his father Mukaro Kunokai.

Ninja Rank: Genin

Village: Konoha

Chakra Element: Lightning


Kage Bushin no Jutsu: A basic replication of ones self only the replications are real. This requires an even distribution of chakra into vassels that can move about on their own via the user's will. Effective in a number of situations, primarily used when outnumbered or facing an extremely formiddable opponent.

Chidori: The technique created by Hatake Kakashi often called "Rakiri." The chakra is focused into the user's palm and it fluxuates in a concentrated amount. The user has to have physical capabilities to initiate the thrusting movement, now becoming to meet the standards the chakra then becomes visible. It chirps violently like that of a thousand birds, but the chakra itself is charged into electricity.

Katon Gokakyuu no Jutsu: The flame jutsu belonging to that of the Uchiha clan, it was acquired by Rayex's sharingan seeing Sasuke use it once on his teamate Ryoku. The attack works by building up chakra in the chest chamber and releasing it all at one time to create a massive flame

Transformation no Jutsu: The basic academy level jutsu that allows the user to take on the form of another being whether they be enemy or friend. To see through this rouse depends on how well ones deceptive skills.

Substitution Jutsu: Basic enough, the user can replace his or her physical body with an inanimate object such as a log or sand. Perfect for taking an enemey shinobi by suprise, but often an easy tactic to read if used to frequently.

Bushido Tan no Jutsu: A new lightning based jutsu Rayex developed one he acquired the Chidori. Its more of an alteration of the chidori thats not as powerful since its divided into a twin palm strike. Chakra is built up in both palms with furious pulsing chakra. Its more of a tactic to overpower an opponent, but it requires a dual thrust leaving one completely open to a retallating attack like the chidori's flaw.

Sand Wall/Guard (Incomplete): Training with his sensei's best friend Sanosuke, he was slowly learning sand jutsu. This was increasingly difficult since his chakra element was lightning and earth style jutsu wasn't exactly his style. Managing to form a wall of sand to halt incoming attacks, Rayex lacked the stirdyness to gain control of the sand, but he is still developing it as best he can.

Sand Clone (Incomplete): From the sand wall came the sand clone justu, the sand morphs into the appearance of its user. Possessing the same properties of the sand wall, its used for defensive tactics and also attacks usually more direct. This jutsu still needs work much like the sand wall to be used to its full potential.

Sand Hand jutsu: The first technique of sand relation taught to Rayex by his sensei. The chakra is channeled into the sand and it is slowly formed into hand or fist. This being the only jutsu of sand Rayex mastered thus far, its used for a variety of different attacks, he has found a use for it when using replications and splitting the sand in combination with the stretching variety of the sand hand jutsu.

Tayu Kage Bushin no Jutsu: The upraded version of the Kage Bushin no Jutsu created a startling number of replictions that reach the mass hundereds. Often Rayex's commonly used jutsu much like that of Uzumaki Naruto. One amazing quality for its function serves to completly overwhelm an opponent and blindside them by confusing the clones from the real thing. Chakra consumed by this technique is quite alot seeing as its a jounin level techinique, but its compensated by chakra reserves Rayex has similar to his sensei's.

Shikaze no Jutsu (to be learned): A incredibly powerful lightning jutsu only known by one other shinobi, Ichiru Kunokai, Rayex's step-uncle. This technique unleashes a massive burst of lightning from the user's mouth. Chakra is used as a conductor to channel lightning through the chakra points on the body, careful in its guidance, it is stored in the stomach and channeled up the right side of the body. Its a dangerous jutsu, as the lightning is close to touch the user's heart. This style is somewhat like the Hyuuga clan's rotation being that chakra is released from 50% of the chakra points on the body, 32 to be exact.

Water Clone jutsu: Call it weird, but this is a rare jutsu only found in the village hidden in the mist and behind the waterfall. Its chakra divided into water and animating it upon the user's will. However the main flaw of this jutsu is that the water clone can't travel too far from the user's body and a pretty poor jutsu. This was frist learned by Rayex from his best friend Ditonke Hotsuke as he possess the Keke Genakai that manipulates water and ice which really doesn't have a specified name.

Tri-Kunokai: A taijutsu assualt consisting of two replications and Rayex himself. Kunai is clenched within their teeth and they fly past their opponents using the lightning speed jutsu. One by one each slice the enemy with a minor cut and weakening them for the final 3-way strike.

Lightning Speed Jutsu: The speed jutsu revamped by his sensei. It enchances the speed of the user ten-fold and they move so fast that the surroundings appear to be moving in slow motion in a sense. Yet another techinique that was learned from Sanosuke, but its still unknown to how he knew the jutsu in the first place.

Suiton Suikoudon no Jutsu (Incomplete): The water shark missle jutsu that swirls water into the form of a shark and converges it on to a given target. It was copied from the water element specialist Ditonke Hotsuke, but never completly grasped.

Summoning Technique; Dragon Summon: The summoning jutsu that requires the user to sign a blood contract that binds you to the summoning creature. Rayex entered this contract produced to him by his sensei, then capable of summoning Dragons.

Forbidden Jutsu:

Yakuza Chidori: The revamped chidori that belongs primarily to Rayex alone. Taking Kakashi Hatake's signature move and melding two together forming an even greater amount of chakra. One shot can take out an opponent right on the spot if they don't have an abosolute defense. For now Rayex can only do this attack once in a day, so far he can only use the chidori three times in a day unless its in combination with his chakra irregularity and sharingan consuming far too much chakra even with the short surplus.

Dancing Dragon Flame Jutsu: The mighty twin dragon jutsu residing in purple flame first developed by Misha Kunokai, Rayex's mother. This explosive technique is used when completly overwhelmed and can blow back a mass number of enemy shinobi. Chakra is stored and built up in the chest and released all at once unleashing twin dragons of purple flame that wrap around an enemy.

Emotionless Exile (to be learned): An all out three way combination assualt requiring a mass number of replications to carry it out. A ground assualt to launch an opponent into the air, of the high speed style taught by Gai sensei propelling an enemy upward and a consisted barrage to reach an adequate altitude. Next comes the aerial assualt in which the replications cover the user in sand and slowly form a massive ball of sand covering the enemies body. The third step is the ground assualt firing off a series of powerful fire jutsu to heat the suspended ball of sand hardening it into glass from the intense heat. The final method delivering the final blow with an impending kick and shattering the glass and surely its trapped assosciate.

Okanuza no Jutsu (To be learned): The user's fingers are charged with intense amounts of chakra that flow through the fingers enough to be made visible but its charged slighly differently. In combination with fast physical reflexes the user repeatedly jabs the enemy in a similar motion as the Hyuugan clan only the attacks are a little more reckless and with the lack of byakuugan eyes the attacks won't be precise to match but perfect for stunning an enemy, but having a side effect of intense pain, paralysis and sometimes death. Not to mention the user feels a pretty sharp recoil from trying to maintain the chakra in sensitive spots such as the finger tips.

Youkai Giin: A one a day jutsu that requires 95% of the user's chakra. Chakra is accessed from every point of the body and gathered into one hand. It functions in different ways, at genin level and a certain chakra capacity, it explodes on the outer area of the flesh and ceases the excess chakra that doesn't fit the user's true chakra. When the chakra is much greater to say kage level, the orb of chakra becomes gray and five lights appear in the center. When thrusted into the flesh this time, the entire orb bonds with the flesh and sucks the chakra in along with it and the fingerprints left mark the Youkai Giin's seal.


Kunai Knives: The basic ninja tool for all shinobi, mostly introduced to young Genin. A sharp daggerlike weapon to carve up enemies and opponents.

Demon Wind Shuriken: A shuriken shaped into the form of a windmill, excellent for cutting through the air and through enemies. Its rotation is what makes it such an impressive ninja tool.

Katana Blade: Given to him by his sensei Sanosuke, its a black blade forged with nominal steel and quite deadly, the length is about adequate and can be used to slice through enemies, but is mainly for a one on one type of stand off.

Shuriken and Wire: One of the starter ninja tools used in various combinations. Shuriken are the equivalent of darts to be thrown can more or less immobilize an opponent temporarily. With the wire attached it can pin an opponent to a tree or rock and launch a jutsu to follow.

Dojutsu (Blood Trait): Sharingan/Sebun Daido Chikara

Sharingan: The user's eyes become enhanced and filled with a scarlet iris with black pupils that sharpen to the maximum of three increments. Its is first activated when the weilder's body is in mortal danger and their eyes become more alert. Capapable of seeing of literally seeing through deception whether it be Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. The Sharingan is capable of breaking down a jutsu and copying it almost immediately. It consist of two main components, The Piercing Eye and the Hypnotic Eye. The Piercing eye possesses the capability to copy not only a jutsu, but the enemies movements like mirror. With this, the weilder can take full advantage of his/her opponent by mirroring them almost exactly. The Hypnotic eye is more of the illusional portion of the sharingan, with this the weilder is capable of infiltrating the enemies mind. In doing so they cause a sense of doubt and mass confusion, in combination with the piercing eye, its as though the enemy mistakes the wielder for his/herself and looses focus on what they originally concentrated on. This leaves the opponent wide open for an attack that they originally had planned but never finished. The final and most devastating portion of the sharingan is the Mangekyou which gives you full insight to the user's mind. It contains two main levels of power, the Tsukuyomi and the Amaterasu which isolate your worst fear and amplify it to levels unimaginable. The mangekyou can cause serious and even permanant mental damage to an opponent's mind.

Sebun Daido Chikara: The shukiri gekke is a chakra irregularity found in extremely isolated portion of the Uchiha Clan. This was a mutation in the chakra system that fills it with seven colored chakra, the way it develops is by a mix of different emotions. The first stage of the Shukiri Gekke is that the body has the feeling of the second chakra and burns a mark in the form of a windmill on the user's arm. The first chakra to surface is yellow chakra, this is the first surplus and one of the most unstable, its triggered by great pain and struggle. The second chakra is the green chakra, it is the second phase as the windmill mark expands and engulfs the right arm of the user. It is triggered by jealousy and envy and consumes the weilder with unbridled emotion. The third stage is the release of purple chakra, the mark then spreads across the user's torso and emits the purple glow. It is triggered grief, the feeling that you have failed someone and a helpless thought remains. The fourth stage is the release crimson chakra, the mark receeds down the user's leg and emits a crimson glow. Its triggered by intense levels of anger to match its power. The fifth stage is the release of white chakra, in which the the mark receeds to cover the user's other leg. Triggered by a sense of calm, when the weilder can see the light within their distorted emotion. The sixth stage is the release of black chakra, as the user has felt the calm and seen the goodness inside, their is also a darkened desire connceting them to the evil within. The marks cover the right arm and then scale up the neck. The seventh and final stage is when their is a union with all the chakra, all with the initial blue that everyone has. As they combine the user capable of using them all at the same time in one final assualt dubbed the "Rokirigan" When all chakra stages have been reached and sucessfully unlocked, is user can go in and out of each stage of chakra by wil. Choosing to meld them together to create new

Bloodline Limit Jutsu:

Mangekyo Sharingan (Incomplete): The most powerful level of sharingan there is, but can only be reached by fufilling the special requirement. The only way to attain its full potential is by bringing the messenger of death to the user's best friend in order to grasp it. However this is another way around it, but that has yet to be discovered. It works differently for every user of it. Rayex's eyes (if he gets it) form a tri-gram of katana blades that have a line going around them in a circle. He has the power to take control over anyone who come into his gaze, with something this dangerous they are influenced by his will and do as he commands.

Baikudo (incomplete): The user that is under the influence of the Mangekyo sharingan will come to a tendency. Upon uttering this powerful genjutsu, Rayex can collapse the controlled recipients mind. Wiping everything all at the same time, they drop to the ground powerless. Its the same as being dead only the feeling is alot more leniant and less vicious, like being reborn.

Rokirigan (Not learned yet): The combination of opening all the seven colored chakra at the same time. It possesses the qualities of the rasengan as it does require a rotation and a build up of 100% of the user's power. The difference being that unleashing such an unstable amount of energy all at the same time can destroy the user so a death rate is high. The Rokirigan can also be formed by one form of the the user's chakra, but its not as powerful as the complete potential.

Chikara Haze: Can spread the area with a haze fitting the current released chakra. Much like the hidden mist jutsu, it provides a zero visibility surrounding so only those with an eye based kekkei genkai can see, but the sea of chakra fools most of them to see just the same chakra released.


Born in Konoha, better known as The Village Hidden In The Leaves, Rayex was an Uchiha with much potential. His mother, Misha Uchiha was plagued with the chakra irregularity known as the Shukiri Gekke, shortly after Rayex's birth they had discovered this and she was isolated from the clan to prevent any spreading of the unknown disease. With this, his father whom Rayex never knew was left to part from his wife and only son.

As the Years passed Rayex began to grow fond of the world, his mother would encourage him and aid him whenever he needed it. Though he was still young, his mother met another man whom became Rayex's stepfather. He was a hidden cloud shinobi by the name of Mukaro Kunokai. His father at the time was a jounin, but his background was shakey and a bit shady. To Misha he was the father figure Rayex would follow, but Mukaro had a disdain for Rayex. To be burdened with a child to take care of became an irritant for Mukaro, but his mother managed to draw his attention. Rayex at the age of 4, began to watch his mother execute ninjutsu and he became fascinated with the site of it. He was eager to try it, but he didn't know how to control his chakra, just make the handsigns. From the shadows his stepfather would laugh at how pathetic Rayex seemed to be doing this underdeveloped. Rayex balled, and could never understnd why he was insulted so harshly. Eventually he began to cope with his idiotic remarks and it didn't bother him as much.

A year later, Rayex turned five and began to familiarize himself with chakra by reading books on how to control it. With many weeks of practicing and toiling he was able to release bits and pieces of his own chakra. He moved on to releasing it in jutsu his mother taught him and manage to be successful. His father felt an unusual anger that a mere child could enact ninjutsu at such a young age. It was like an unknown hate for such a trivial reason. He would go off and attack Rayex for no reason and leave him beaten mildly. Rayex would cry to his mother, but he would just give her nonchallant look like it was an accident and she let it slide almost every time.

One day came when Rayex was training in the forest doing a substitution jutsu when his father was watching him unknown to Rayex. A kunai came flying out of nowhere and almost hit Rayex if he hadn't used the substituion. He stared in confusion as his father stood over him with such a bold and blood lust look in his eyes. Rayex's body was vibrating violently, sensing his life could end at any given moment. As his fist came down he knocked Rayex into a tree and spoke, "Your just a hopeless little Uchiha who will never become anything...all you do is rely on your eyes and nothing else....your not fit to a Kunokai..." As hsi father finished his statement he charged Rayex with a drawn kunai and was set to stab Rayex as he was still fixated to the tree. An impulse happened within Rayex and his eyes filled with a scarlet colour with black increments, he could see his father clearly and pushed himself off the tree and glided into his chest with a fierce headbutt that knocked him back. Rayex stood over him with the sharingan eyes shaking violently that he attacked his step father. Mukaro then had a look of despise in his eyes and got up and left Rayex with a message, "One'll die by my hands....never forget that."

It was then the next day that Rayex came home to an empty house, he found a note left by his mother that said they went to shop for food. Rayex sat in the empty house all day, but no one came back. It was like that until he felt completely alone. His neighbors the Hotsuke's took notice this and reported it to the Hokage, he then set it up that they would serve to look over Rayex until he was old enough to attend the academy. Rayex met his first friend Ditonke Hotsuke, whom he grew up with and even went to the academy with. The years may have gone by, but Rayex still felt a sense of calm, but mourned that his mother never returned.

The years slowly slipped by as he grew up under the watch of the Hotsuke household and his bestfriend Ditonke. The two would fight non stop with each other, but Ditonke would always win. No suprise as he was developing his kekke genkai that didnt have a name, but he could little by little manipulate water making it nearly impossible to touch him in a body of water. Rayex could access the sharingan at the time, it only happened to come to him when his body was in danger. As he turned eight him and Ditonke stood atop the roof of their apartment complex and looked at another with fierce intensity. Each pulled out kunai and held it in their hands, the two lept off the ground and charged one another going back to back at the other with full force. They had learned weapon practice in a about their first year at the academy. Both still young it was a training excercise, but they took it seriously since they competed practically all the time.

Finally the last year of the academy had come about, Rayex was 12 years old and in the top three not far behind sasuke. With the graduation exams, he earned his right to call himself a Konoha shinobi. Assigned to to squad 5 Kurute Nagara, their jounin squad leader. He was among other things, obsessed with Anko, the 2nd proctor for the chunin exams and leader in a head division of the ANBU Black Ops. He worked his team that consisted of Ryoku Ryutaro and Marx Matok. One with an attitude fitting a certain Uchiha we all know, and the other was wel....a little odd with some qualities of Naruto. This became the twelve genin to actually be accept when it was usually the traditional nine. Still things only served to grow weirder for the squad.

Kurute sensei proved to be a bit of a hardass and made Rayex, Marx, and Ryoku work much harder than most genin. They would run laps through the forest...WITH WEIGHTS ON! Rayex would collapse after a good twenty while the other passed him by. He didn't feel like getting left in the dust so he got up and perservered pushing himself even past his limits. With their team came missions, more or less the usual low class D-Rank's that Lord Hokage would assign them. They finished them in practically half the time expected of normal genin. Until the day they had been assigned their first C-rank mission which was to escort a man and his daughter to the village hidden in the sand. They were originally from the Hidden Cloud village, but were being hunted down by assassins sent from there.

Through the mission, Rayex had an encounter with Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari. The cream of the crop genin of Suna's rookie's, Gaara who possessed a cold and devil like stare would gaze at him as though he were nothing. Ryoku having crossed path's with im seemed to have tension with his past that he mentioned to Rayex. Still that wasn't much less from distracting them from their mission. Kurute their sensei actually vanished for a while they were there, and they ran into an old rival of his. Sanoske Uchiha, he appeared to be a sand ninja that had a perverted vibe going on when Rayex saw him chasing girls while he was drinking ice tea. it was weird, but he had a burst to mess with him and caused him to loose the girl he was chasing. Pissed off, Rayex was feeling ****y at the time and challenged Sano, his lightning against his sand to see if he could bring Rayex down. To challenge a Jounin left him head up in the sand with the head hunter's jutsu. Lucky for Rayex, Ryoku came in to his aid and they eventually came to a calm. Rayex spoke of Kurute whom Sano recognized as his rival and called the squad weak. He was eager to train them not to be so reckless like they were now. Rayex at first didn't want to accept the training, because he had thoughts of his father whom had challenged the squad since he was to take the life of the travelers.

When the day had arrived, the squad ended up having to fight not only the band of assassins, but their commrad Marx who's sharingan was sealed and rendered useless. He was trapped within a genjutsu and his Chaos beast was set loose to destroy his teamates. Rayex had to fight his own father which nearly whiped him out. Father and son struggle went on as they matched each other with thunder jutsu, eventually Rayex overcame his father with the special kunai style the Kunokai's were renowned for and stabbed him below his heart and he dropped beginning to die slowly. He began to die slowly and speak to his son with words of regret, apologizing for the way he treated Rayex, but he was cruel for a reason. Telling him not to rely so heavily on his sharingan eyes as his sensei would soon tell him. Taking this to heart, he turned to his friend whom was still under the influence of the genjutsu and his chaos beast was freed. The Sebun Daido Chikara spun violently on his arm and he released stage one of his chakra building up enough to do the demon seal jutsu (Youkai Giin) he forcefully slammed it into Marx's chest, at genin level it was only enough to weaken the demon within, but it was enough to break the genjutsu on on Marx and Rayex collapsed not sure he would awake.

When he came too, Marx was gone and Ryoku too. Sano was over him as he told Rayex earlier something valuable that he didn't listen to. He arose to carry his father whom had finally fallen and bury him properly. Sano appeared behind him to ask him a question of his feelings toward his father. Though he despised rayex, that didn't stop him from caring for him. With that settled, Marx had vanished and his body was surely in the worst shape among all of them. Searching for it they found it, but his inner self was gone? Taking it to the hospital they came across a truely strange female that called herself Merin. Rayex and Sano could see that this was instantly Marx in a females body. His was beat up so he used the mind transfer jutsu to jump into another body temporarily. Later that day rayex finally accepted Sano's training, to prepare him for the Chunin exams. They soon returned to Konoha and commenced almost immediately and for the next 4 days, it was pretty much a living hell with Sano in the village. he met a young jounin that lead Hinata, Kiba, and Shino's squad. Kurenai, he was swooned and they started and increasingly weird relationship among Jounin.